Wednesday the Twenty-Third of July, 2014

Stanford researcher: Hallucinatory 'voices' shaped by local culture
"The striking difference was that while many of the African and Indian subjects registered predominantly positive experiences with their voices, not one American did." (filed under: illusions sound society psychology)

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Monday the Twenty-First

BBC News - The Cornish beaches where Lego keeps washing up
"[In 1997], 62 containers were lost overboard about 20 miles off Land's End - and one of them was filled with nearly 4.8m pieces of Lego, bound for New York." (filed under: lego pollution octopuses) (via: sarah)

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Thursday the Tenth

Forget the Shortest Route Across a City; New Algorithm Finds the Most Beautiful | MIT Technology Review
"Quercia and co begin by creating a database of images of various parts of the center of London taken from Google Street View and Geograph, [then] crowdsourced opinions about the beauty of each location." (filed under: walking cities maps)

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Wednesday the Second

An Abandoned Bangkok Shopping Mall Hides a Fishy Secret | Colossal
"Not having a roof, the basement floor remains under several feet of water year round. At some point in the early 2000s an unknown person began introducing a small population of exotic Koi and Catfish species." (filed under: fish dereliction japan shopping) (via: viv)

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Tuesday the First

Google Cardboard
"The result is Cardboard, a no-frills [cardboard] enclosure that transforms a phone into a basic VR headset, and the accompanying open software toolkit that makes writing VR software as simple as building a web or mobile app." (filed under: phones technology paper) (via: adrian)

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Saturday the Twenty-Eighth of June

Facebook Manipulated 689,003 Users' Emotions For Science
"The experiment ran for a week — January 11–18, 2012 — during which the hundreds of thousands of Facebook users unknowingly participating may have felt either happier or more depressed than usual." (filed under: psychology facebook illusions secrets depression)

Friday the Twenty-Seventh

Terminal Mirage — David Maisel
"Terminal Mirage examines the periphery of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, including zones of mineral evaporation ponds and macabre industrial pollution covering some 40,000 acres along the shores of the lake." (filed under: water pollution photography)

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Friday the Thirteenth

Anti-homeless spikes are part of a wider phenomenon of 'hostile architecture' | Art and design | The Guardian
"It is called the Camden bench, after the local authority that originally commissioned the sculpted grey concrete seats found on London streets. The bench's graffiti-resistant sloping surface is designed to deter both sleeping and skateboarding." (filed under: architecture design society)

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Monday the Ninth

Fairy wrens teach secret passwords to their unborn chicks to tell them apart from cuckoo impostors : Not Exactly Rocket Science
"The cuckoo embryo appears to have insufficient time to correctly learn the password note." (filed under: birds secrets) (via: james)

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Friday the Sixth

New Statesman | The bizarre secret of London’s buried diggers
"To construct a no-expense-spared new basement, the digger has to go so deep into the London earth that it is unable to drive out again. [...] The new method, now considered standard operating practice, is to cover the digger with “hardcore”, a mixture of sand and gravel. Then a layer of concrete is simply poured over the top." (filed under: london underground secrets construction) (via: newsmary)

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Wednesday the Fourth

Thomson & Craighead | The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order, 2010 on Vimeo
"'The Time Machine in alphabetical order' is a complete rendition of the 1960s film version of HG Wells novella re-edited by Thomson & Craighead into alphabetical order from beginning to end." (filed under: films time language)

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Friday the Thirtieth of May

British Council Film Collection on Vimeo
"During the 1940s, the British Council commissioned over 100 short documentary films designed to promote an understanding of Britain and Britishness. They were created with an overseas audience in mind, and were intended to act as cultural propaganda, counteracting both negative Nazi propaganda and the popular perception of Britain as a country stuck in the past." (filed under: films history) (via: sarah)

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