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id:35495 Mark of Destiny: Generic Plot Twist / Tilt Table for Fiasco and other Story Games
id:35496 Home | Big Tick Project


id:35488 Pound coin gag scoops best Edinburgh Fringe joke award - BBC News
id:35489 Trump Forest
id:35490 Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) operators accuracy and confidence of decisions: Professional pilots or video game players? | Cogent OA
id:35491 These toxic tiger moths warn bats with sonar clicks | Science | AAAS
id:35492 Alex Chinneck creates giant rip in the brick facade of a London building
id:35493 The Brains Trust - Wikipedia
id:35494 Terminating vista - Wikipedia


id:35485 Big Idea Rules 2-P - Big-Idea-Rules.pdf
id:35486 Four Earth-sized planets detected orbiting the nearest sun-like star
id:35487 Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban of killer robots | Technology | The Guardian


id:35480 Dance Dance Immolation - Wikipedia
id:35481 Now you can see what Donald Trump sees every time he opens Twitter - The Washington Post
id:35482 Simon Simon (1970) Comedy Short - Video Dailymotion
id:35483 Fernando Abellanas designs a secret studio under a bridge in Spain
id:35484 Bad break? KitKat maker accused of copying Atari Breakout game in ad | Business | The Guardian


id:35476 UK '55 million years too late' for fracking, says leading geoscientist | The Independent
id:35477 Why are dogs turning blue in this Mumbai suburb? Kasadi river may hold answers | mumbai news | Hindustan Times
id:35478 Eclipse Misconceptions | Total Solar Eclipse 2017
id:35479 Metropolis II by Chris Burden (the movie) - YouTube


id:35475 Ringing endorsement: which bells could stand in for Big Ben? | UK news | The Guardian


id:35474 Get Lost in Mega-Tunnels Dug by South American Megafauna - The Crux


id:35471 Oxide Ghosts: The Brass Eye Tapes : Features 2017 : Chortle : The UK Comedy Guide
id:35472 Australia's deputy PM Barnaby Joyce revealed to be a New Zealander | Australia news | The Guardian
id:35473 Big Ben to be silenced for four years for maintenance | Politics | The Guardian


id:35470 BRITISH ROAD SIGNS_ - Humber Street Gallery


id:35467 AirDnD: personal storytelling at scale Rodolfo Rosini Medium
id:35468 Bill Murray goes to see Groundhog Day again | Film | The Guardian
id:35469 Defending Indiana Jones, Archaeologist |


id:35463 What would the perfect cycling city look like? | Life and style | The Guardian
id:35464 The tiny island in New York City that nobody is allowed to visit - YouTube
id:35465 Did children build the ancient Egyptian city of Amarna? | Science | The Guardian
id:35466 Knight Moves | Board Game | BoardGameGeek


id:35448 Yellow bike plague being tackled on the streets of Wandsworth | News | Wandsworth Council
id:35449 Rise of the racist robots how AI is learning all our worst impulses | Inequality | The Guardian
id:35450 'Driverless' Van in Virginia Is Driven by Man Dressed Like a Car Seat - NBC4 Washington
id:35451 How to eradicate grey squirrels without firing a shot | George Monbiot | Environment | The Guardian
id:35452 A New Approach to Designing Smart Cities Design Matters Medium
id:35453 Unbraided Rope Installations by Janaina Mello Landini Branch Like Roots and Nervous Systems | Colossal
id:35454 Mocha Dick - Wikipedia
id:35455 File:The voyage of the Pequod.jpg - Wikipedia
id:35456 Terra Mystica takes to the stars in sci-fi sequel Gaia Project - Board Games News, Views & Reviews - Board Games - Table Top Gaming
id:35457 Fantasy Flight Announces Fallout Board Game - Features -
id:35458 The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | What The KLF Burning A Million Quid Means In 2017
id:35459 How America Went Haywire - The Atlantic
id:35460 Machine Elf | Non-alien Creatures Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
id:35461 MapCarte 131/365: Londons Kerning by NB Studio, 2007 | Commission on Map Design
id:35462 Amazing Photos Reveal How the Natural World Copies Itself | WIRED


id:35444 Roman Britain in Black and White TheTLS
id:35445 General average - Wikipedia
id:35446 Christmas comes but once a year, starting in July | David Mitchell | Opinion | The Guardian
id:35447 Why the Scariest Nuclear Threat May Be Coming from Inside the White House | Vanity Fair


id:35438 Legible London Signs orienteering game on Saturday IanVisits
id:35439 Board Game Extras Limited - Individual tokens
id:35440 Coffin Works | Home of Newman Brothers Museum
id:35441 That Time an Astronaut Lost His Wedding Ring in Space | WIRED
id:35442 A Dinosaur So Well Preserved It Looks Like a Statue - The Atlantic
id:35443 Why the Scariest Nuclear Threat May Be Coming from Inside the White House | Vanity Fair


id:35436 Arrakis, Tatooine, and the Science of Desert Planets |
id:35437 Rain shadow - Wikipedia


id:35432 Facebook didnt kill its language-building AI because it was too smartit was actually too dumb Quartz
id:35433 Facebook (FB) built an AI system that learned to lie to get what it wants Quartz
id:35434 What's the Deal With Bubblegum Flavor? | HowStuffWorks
id:35435 Shiplap - Wikipedia


id:35427 Woodpecker Almost Pecks Through Whole Utility Pole - Edmonds, WA Patch
id:35428 Nighthawking - Wikipedia
id:35429 Bodleian Libraries | Bodleian receives Charles I's travelling library
id:35430 'Marmite amnesty' under way at London City airport | Travel | The Guardian
id:35431 Worlds first virtual train track unveiled in central China - YouTube


id:35423 Traffic rules and tidying up: how players drag boring habits into games | Technology | The Guardian
id:35424 Missing Florida woman found after she bottled her scent - BBC News
id:35425 How were the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs made? - FCPD
id:35426 Linguists have been discussing "Shit Gibbon." I argue it's not entirely about gibbons. Language Jones


id:35420 Magical, Striking Scenes From ... Google Street View? | WIRED
id:35421 Spring Gardens - Wikipedia
id:35422 Rummikub Rules 2016 | Rummikub | BoardGameGeek


id:35411 Super-hose that can blast through brick walls is being trialled by firefighters - Telegraph
id:35412 How Many People Are In Space Right Now?
id:35413 The Evolution of Trust
id:35414 Trust - Our World In Data
id:35415 David Warner on Twin Peaks, Tron, Titanic, Time Bandits, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Random Roles The A.V. Club
id:35416 Google is testing autoplay videos directly in search results | Technology | The Guardian
id:35417 Master of the Two Worlds (Official Video) - YouTube
id:35418 Government's air quality plan is 'little more than shabby rewrite' | Environment | The Guardian
id:35419 How Checkers Was Solved - The Atlantic


id:35403 Alien species invasions and global warming a 'deadly duo', warn scientists | Environment | The Guardian
id:35404 Meta-List: Picture Picks Winners 2016-2017 | BoardGameGeek
id:35405 Custom Game Boards
id:35406 What is wrong with chlorinated chicken Consumer Corner
id:35407 How Inmates Play Tabletop RPGs in Prisons Where Dice Are Contraband - Waypoint
id:35408 The Writing in the Stone by Irving Finkel Kickstarter
id:35409 Roman Roads of Britain Sasha Trubetskoy
id:35410 Sea level fears as Greenland darkens - BBC News


id:35400 Isotonic regression - Wikipedia
id:35401 Michael Gove asked me to a meeting to share my expertise. I declined. Instead, Ive given him a piece of my mind. Jay Rayner
id:35402 The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra - The Ultimate Boon (Official Video) - YouTube


id:35394 PocketMod: The Free Recyclable Personal Organizer
id:35395 Effective frequency - Wikipedia
id:35396 GoodGym
id:35397 I hacked my body for a future that never came - The Verge
id:35398 'A misuse of scarce funds': NHS to end prescription of homeopathic remedies | Life and style | The Guardian
id:35399 Coconut Red Curry with Chickpeas | Minimalist Baker Recipes


id:35390 Google Static Maps API | Google Developers
id:35391 Have your say on proposed changes to Lambeth Bridge north and south - Transport for London - Citizen Space
id:35392 10 Hours Of Relaxing Planet Earth II Mountain Sounds - Earth Unplugged - YouTube
id:35393 Baltimore Cop Plays Himself by Seemingly Planting Drugs in Front of Body Cam [UPDATED]


id:35389 New theory revolutionises understanding of autism | University of Oxford


id:35382 Lip-syncing Obama: New tools turn audio clips into realistic video | UW News
id:35383 Gunfire audio opens new front in crime-fighting - BBC News
id:35385 I'm Lichen You A Lot
id:35386 Robot 'drowns' in fountain mishap - BBC News
id:35387 Robot runs over toddler in shopping centre - BBC News
id:35388 Inside the surprisingly dark world of Rube Goldberg machines | The Verge


id:35381 Search for a coin Numista


id:35379 Restaurant runaways: what happens when diners eat and flee? | Life and style | The Guardian
id:35380 Poundland delays launch of Twin Peaks chocolate bar amid legal row | Business | The Guardian


id:35375 How to build an amazing board game collection for $10! | Shut Up & Sit Down
id:35376 Ravens parallel great apes in flexible planning for tool-use and bartering | Science
id:35377 'Locals get first dibs': the Manchester flats banning foreign investors | Cities | The Guardian
id:35378 Universally unique identifier - Wikipedia


id:35364 'Braaams' For Beginners: How a Horn Sound Ate Hollywood | Hollywood Reporter
id:35365 The Beast in the Cave - Wikipedia
id:35366 Manchester's vandalism-proof Mobikes not quite living up to the claim |
id:35367 oBike is putting thousands of bikes on the streets of London | WIRED UK
id:35368 Ludemetic Generator (@ludemetic)
id:35369 Metabridges
id:35370 The Dread Gorgon | Laphams Quarterly
id:35371 504rules: A rule summary sheet generator for 504 | 504 | BoardGameGeek
id:35372 Friedemann Frieses 504 Ein revolutionres modulares Spielsystem
id:35373 Untitled Story
id:35374 Life under the Thunderbolt | New York Post


id:35359 Pasta Inspires Scientists to Use Their Noodle - The New York Times
id:35360 Double decker egg ramp - YouTube
id:35361 The fatal divide for business in Brexit Britain
id:35362 BWAAAMP: the secretive art of composing trailer music | WIRED UK
id:35363 First Video - Show Me the Way (to Go Home) - YouTube


id:35357 What's the deal with translating Seinfeld | The Verge
id:35358 I'm beginning to think Brexit may never happen, says Vince Cable | Politics | The Guardian


id:35355 Boise Public Library vending machine sells handwritten letters | Idaho Statesman
id:35356 Greatest Movie Props of All Time: From Lightsabers to Wilson - Thrillist


id:35349 Mackerel sky - Wikipedia
id:35350 'Ms is me': woman who brought term into mainstream dies at 78 | Life and style | The Guardian
id:35351 A Legacy Variant of 504!!! Connecting ALL worlds!!! | 504 | BoardGameGeek
id:35352 'Zombies' descend on Hamburg for G20 summit protest -
id:35353 Lynx could return to Britain this year after absence of 1,300 years | Environment | The Guardian
id:35354 Amazon and eBay images broken by Photobucket's 'ransom demand' - BBC News


id:35344 Roller coaster elements - Wikipedia
id:35345 What football will look like in the future
id:35346 Mars covered in toxic chemicals that can wipe out living organisms, tests reveal | Science | The Guardian
id:35347 It Must Have Been Dark By Then - The British Library
id:35348 Year-long Oscar Wilde season announced at West End theatre | Culture | The Guardian


id:35341 German man hides machine dropping anti-Erdoan leaflets from hotel room window - Daily Sabah
id:35342 It is as if you were doing work
id:35343 This is the place. tassosstevens Medium


id:35338 The high street being transformed into a vegan Mecca | London Evening Standard
id:35339 Omission of Tasmania from maps of Australia - Wikipedia
id:35340 iFiction - Game - Sampler 2


id:35334 Wikipedia: The Text Adventure - Pompeii
id:35335 Protesters vow to take to streets as UK braces for snap Trump visit | US news | The Guardian
id:35336 Greetings, E.T. (Please Dont Murder Us.) - The New York Times
id:35337 Xerox scanners/photocopiers randomly alter numbers in scanned documents [D. Kriesel]


id:35331 Geographically densest Wikipedia coverage | Mark J. Nelson
id:35332 Trinity (video game) - Wikipedia
id:35333 Piers Plowman - Wikipedia


id:35330 Swearing ban: Samuel Smith pub boss calls time on bad language | Life and style | The Guardian


id:35324 The Bristol refill-reuse bottle campaign that is spreading across Europe | Environment | The Guardian
id:35325 Game Systems - Part 4
id:35326 Twitter may introduce feature to let users flag 'fake news' | Technology | The Guardian
id:35327 Schulz: The 5 Best Punctuation Marks in Literature
id:35328 Binky - Satisfy your phone cravings on the App Store
id:35329 Depression Cat and Bag


id:35322 Arkansas Ten Commandments monument destroyed hours after installation | US news | The Guardian
id:35323 List of redundant place names - Wikipedia


id:35317 Alex Jones, Megyn Kelly, and the Normalization of Conspiracy Culture - The Atlantic
id:35318 - YouTube
id:35319 Super Mario-themed 'Monopoly' spices up the classic game with boss fights
id:35320 How Newspapers Lost Their Monopoly On Influencing Voters In The 2017 General Election
id:35321 Facebooks Training Documents: We Protect White Men


id:35316 BBC English


id:35298 Steven Wright, master of meh: 'This is just how I talk. It accidentally went well with the jokes' | Stage | The Guardian
id:35299 The Appointments of Dennis Jennings - YouTube
id:35300 The FrogLog Swimming Pool Escape Ramp Device| Rescue Small Animals from Drowning
id:35301 Fictitious entry - Wikipedia
id:35302 Trap Streets Are Real, And Here Are Some Of London's | Londonist
id:35303 Google will stop scanning content of personal emails | Technology | The Guardian
id:35304 Hunter-gatherers have more leisure time.
id:35305 Chinas Mistress-Dispellers | The New Yorker
id:35306 What jobs will still be around in 20 years? Read this to prepare your future | US news | The Guardian
id:35307 picdescbot About This Bot
id:35308 Flights of Fancy |
id:35309 Russia's Cyberwar on Ukraine Is a Blueprint For What's to Come | WIRED
id:35310 Jack Sheppard - Wikipedia
id:35311 'Its literally coffee in a piece of rubbish': Are Avocado lattes the latest hipster coffee trend?
id:35312 Sergei Korolev: the rocket genius behind Yuri Gagarin | Science | The Guardian
id:35313 Atlas of Hillforts
id:35314 Meet The Man Who Hacked Jeopardy
id:35315 In 1956 a Man Broke the Current Javelin World Record by Spinning it Around Like a Discus | Perry Ponders


id:35291 Amazons vision for the future: delivery drone beehives in every city - The Verge
id:35292 Okja review a creature feature to get your teeth into | Film | The Guardian
id:35293 Humble Hull helps heat up the battle to become UKs next capital of culture | Culture | The Guardian
id:35294 President Trumps Lies, the Definitive List - The New York Times
id:35295 What Wizard101 Gave Up To Break Into China: Exposed Bones, Points, Gold
id:35296 Five Reasons To Wear The Same Thing Every Day
id:35297 9 Simple Ideas to Thin Out Your Closet


id:35290 10,000 get bee tattoo to raise money for victims of Manchester bombing | UK news | The Guardian


id:35282 Being Donald Trump: the life of an impersonator | US news | The Guardian
id:35283 How It's Made Uranium P1 - YouTube
id:35284 Robotic apple picker trials continue in Washington - YouTube
id:35285 McDonald's hits all-time high as Wall Street cheers replacement of cashiers with kiosks
id:35286 Batik | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
id:35287 'The Martian' Dust Storm Would Actually Be a Breeze
id:35288 N.H. fetal homicide bill unintentionally givespregnant women impunity to murder
id:35289 The moon's a balloon in Luke Jerram's Museum of the Moon installation - in pictures | Science | The Guardian


id:35276 How to make perfect gazpacho | Life and style | The Guardian
id:35277 The Scots Language - YouTube
id:35278 Huw Edwards mesmerises the nation during BBC's silent News at Ten | Media | The Guardian
id:35279 This new disease could devastate our wildlife. Watch the Tories do nothing | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian
id:35280 The Legend of Old Tom and the Gruesome "Law of the Tongue" - Scientific American Blog Network
id:35281 Caesar (Mercury Theatre) - Wikipedia


id:35271 evaporation cooler | pam i am
id:35272 Summer solstice: the perfect day to bask in a dazzling scientific feat | Science | The Guardian
id:35273 Robots Are Eating Money Managers Lunch - Bloomberg
id:35274 Serpentine pavilion 2017: a shimmering African canopy spreads out over Kensington Gardens | Art and design | The Guardian
id:35275 CHRIS RDLEY


id:35265 BBC Nature - How to identify swallows, swifts and martins
id:35266 US Shakespeare theaters report abuse amid uproar over Trump-like Caesar | Stage | The Guardian
id:35267 REVIEW: The Frankenstein Wars Gamebook News
id:35268 London Air Quality Network - King's College London Air Quality Forecast for London
id:35269 Most of central London hospital to be sold off, plans reveal | Society | The Guardian
id:35270 Inquiry. The Great British Housing Disaster (Adam Curtis, 1984) - YouTube


id:35264 Flint water crisis: Michigan officials on manslaughter charges - BBC News


id:35252 The Establishment - Discography - Albums
id:35253 The Misty Mr. Wisty podcast | Fourble
id:35254 Fuji Puzzle Box
id:35255 Starting Fire with a Lens made from Ice!
id:35256 Fire From Ice
id:35257 Fire From Ice
id:35258 Resilient Web Design
id:35259 British History Online | The core printed primary and secondary sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles
id:35260 OCR Vs. Double Re-keying Barely History
id:35261 With Grenfell Tower, weve seen what ripping up red tape really looks like | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian
id:35262 - Disney files patent for 'anti-scanning' material that could kill off 3D printed Star Wars toys | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News
id:35263 Dragonfly and Damselfly Identification Help |


id:35249 Uber board member resigns after sexist remark at meeting addressing sexism | Technology | The Guardian
id:35250 GRENFELL TOWER FIRE | Grenfell Action Group
id:35251 This is the hidden potential killer in Australian buildings - 27/05/2015


id:35247 Spreuerhofstrae - Wikipedia
id:35248 Crashing down on a crossbar: The New Zealand man in a Smiths video | The Spinoff


id:35245 Why is Ecco the Dolphin on British Pub Signs? - Waypoint
id:35246 Trump as Julius Caesar: anger over play misses Shakespeare's point, says scholar | US news | The Guardian


id:35241 Bear breaks into house, plays the piano but not very well - The Washington Post
id:35242 Masquerading as Reporter, Assassin Hunted Putin Foes in Ukraine - The New York Times
id:35243 Scientists make biodegradable microbeads from cellulose | University of Bath
id:35244 n4784r2-fairy-chess.qxp_n3390-spesmilo - 17034r3-n4784r-fairy-chess.pdf


id:35240 Marvin Heemeyer - Wikipedia


id:35239 Title Drops on Vimeo


id:35233 Jelly, The Smallest 4G Smartphone by Unihertz Kickstarter
id:35234 17 Years Later, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote Completes Shooting - The New York Times
id:35235 Theres a garden inside a tube station ticket office IanVisits
id:35236 A Virtual Out-of-Body Experience Reduces Fear of Death
id:35237 Video illustrating the experimental procedures to induce a virtual out-of-body experience - YouTube
id:35238 An A to Z of Theory Roland Barthess Mythologies: A Critical Theory of Myths | Ceasefire Magazine


id:35230 Codenames Duet | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
id:35231 Skilcraft Pens: Writing Instruments of the US Govt - Tiger Pens Blog
id:35232 PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING - London Can Take It - YouTube


id:35229 The worlds largest floating solar power plant just went online in China


id:35222 Tree | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
id:35223 Game Systems - Part 4
id:35224 David Sedaris: There are things nobody wants to hear. But the disturbing things are great | Books | The Guardian
id:35225 The oblong and winding road: Mondrian's tortured journey to gridlock genius | Art and design | The Guardian
id:35226 Brains encode faces piece by piece | Science News
id:35228 Lucy Melford: Drif Field, Raymond Carver, and the infamous Guide


id:35221 The Larsen C Iceberg Is on the Brink of Breaking Off | Climate Central


id:35213 StockStream - Twitch
id:35214 Abstract | Dun.can | Flickr
id:35215 Battersea Power Stations iconic chimneys receive their first lick of paint | Nine Elms on the South Bank
id:35216 Spinning Egg Trick (feat. Tippe Top) - YouTube
id:35218 Swedens recycling is so revolutionary, the country has run out of rubbish | The Independent
id:35219 The Brexit treaty renegotiation checklist
id:35220 Copenhagen cycle jams tackled with electronic information panels | World news | The Guardian


id:35209 Tree | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
id:35210 This Artwork Is Actually A Giant iPhone Smudge | HuffPost
id:35211 Ten Candles Cavalry Games
id:35212 Abstract | Dun.can | Flickr


id:35208 Tabletop Audio - Ambiences and Music for Tabletop Role Playing Games


id:35204 Interactivate: Simple Plot
id:35205 Elementary Cellular Automaton -- from Wolfram MathWorld
id:35207 Conus textile - Wikipedia


id:35203 Story Beats


id:35200 Some text removed for Guess Where London | Judy | Flickr
id:35201 Alpha (A translation of Genesis 1)
id:35202 Italy Is Giving Away Over 100 Castles for Free | Observer


id:35198 The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway review like Top Gear for train fans | Television & radio | The Guardian
id:35199 I knew they were sugar pills but I felt fantastic the rise of open-label placebos | Life and style | The Guardian


id:35197 Adam Curtis on the dangers of self-expression The Creative Independent


id:35191 Marlboro maker accused of using branded tins to sidestep plain packaging rules | Business | The Guardian
id:35192 Swirling Bacteria Illuminate the Strange Physics of Swarms | WIRED
id:35193 The Archbishops' Tomb | Garden Museum
id:35194 Truth seekers: inside the UK election's fake news war room | Politics | The Guardian
id:35195 So here's ten games I made. Please have them all. | BoardGameGeek | BoardGameGeek
id:35196 So here's ten games I made. Please have them all. | BoardGameGeek | BoardGameGeek


id:35185 How Google Book Search Got Lost Backchannel
id:35186 The Definition Of Hell For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type | Thought Catalog
id:35187 Product designers 'must reduce Pringles factor' to boost recycling | Environment | The Guardian
id:35188 British Museum - The Map of the World
id:35189 T and O map - Wikipedia
id:35190 Trent Reznor, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman and more Composers for THR's Roundtable | Oscars 2015 - YouTube


id:35180 Real-time #ElectionLeaflet monitoring |
id:35181 Games with Automa opponents for solo play | BoardGameGeek
id:35182 KitKat foiled again in bid to trademark four-fingered bar | Business | The Guardian
id:35183 Fabled Lands: Why Prometheus?
id:35184 Inquiry launched into targeting of UK voters through social media | Technology | The Guardian


id:35178 This robotic suit lets you sit in mid-air instead of a chair - The Verge
id:35179 Neuralink and the Brain's Magical Future - Wait But Why


id:35175 London Tube Map with Voronoi -
id:35176 280 miles of hidden British bike paths rediscovered on Google Street View | MNN - Mother Nature Network
id:35177 ThueMorse sequence - Wikipedia


id:35166 Tinker Tactics Tinkerbot Games
id:35167 Cary Grant: how 100 acid trips in Tinseltown 'changed my life' | Film | The Guardian
id:35168 New Study Says Friends Have Similar DNA |
id:35169 Game Storage: Vertical or Horizontial? | BoardGameGeek | BoardGameGeek
id:35170 The question of what Donald Trump really believes has no answer - Vox
id:35171 Gamasutra - Why video game devs don't get 'board' of learning from tabletop games
id:35172 Are Pop Lyrics Getting More Repetitive?
id:35173 Why Heroquest is so Great - YouTube
id:35174 Smartphones that charge in five minutes 'could arrive next year' - BBC News


id:35161 London's Buses To Get Tube-Style Colour-Coding For Routes | Londonist
id:35162 British embarrassment over asking for tap water in bars fuels plastic bottle waste survey | Environment | The Guardian
id:35163 California - Design Museum
id:35164 >> Inside the drone the effects of being struck by lightning
id:35165 Where have all the insects gone? | Science | AAAS


id:35153 Citymapper's smart bus wants to revolutionize public transport - CNET
id:35154 Voyages
id:35155 BT Youview+ Set Top Box (500Gb) Recorder with Twin HD Freeview and 7 Day Catch Up TV - no subscription (Certified Refurbished): TV
id:35156 Music for 18 Musicians - Steve Reich ; Video clip made with Machine Learning. - YouTube
id:35157 Werewords | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
id:35158 Star Cops S01 E01 An Instinct for Murder - YouTube
id:35159 Thousands of lizards delay controversial Stuttgart 21 rail project | World news | The Guardian
id:35160 Ommatidium sculpture offers kaleidoscopics view of the sky


id:35150 Using the airport moving walkways 'actually slows you down' - Telegraph
id:35151 Mythos Tales | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
id:35152 Police in London consider tougher tactics against moped gangs | UK news | The Guardian


id:35144 The science of popularity: The magic of making hits | The Economist
id:35145 Irish beach washed away 33 years ago reappears overnight after freak tide | World news | The Guardian
id:35146 The weird poetry Google Translate writes when fed the same characters over and over / Boing Boing
id:35147 118 118 call charges rise to minimum of 8.98
id:35148 Quick Hardback variant | Paperback | BoardGameGeek
id:35149 Rezendo


id:35123 Abstract Gaming Travel Kits | Abstract Games | BoardGameGeek
id:35124 Odd Boardgame Components | Wiki | BoardGameGeek
id:35125 Gameboards | Wiki | BoardGameGeek
id:35126 TAK (FREE EDITION) Cheapass Games
id:35127 Button Men Online
id:35128 Custom Drawstring Pouch (large) |
id:35129 The Museum of Failure in Sweden argues that real innovation requires failure Quartz
id:35130 Is this the weirdest election ever? - video | Opinion | The Guardian
id:35131 I Hide Giants That I Make From Wood In The Wilderness Of Copenhagen | Bored Panda
id:35132 Honeywood Museum Carshalton Grotto
id:35133 Honolulu molasses spill - Wikipedia
id:35134 Uber is under criminal investigation for building software to avoid regulators - The Verge
id:35135 Loud Time: This Ain't No Memoir: How to Make a Scene, According to David Byrne
id:35136 Naica's crystal caves hold long-dormant life - BBC News
id:35137 Superkilen | Giles Turnbull | Flickr
id:35138 Chelsea Embankment | Richardr | Flickr
id:35139 Mountains of the mind: 'Ive become part of the landscape and its become part of me' | Society | The Guardian
id:35140 Bread and salt - Wikipedia
id:35141 BBC Radio 4 - Kevin Eldon Will See You Now
id:35142 Human-robot interactions take step forward with 'emotional' chatbot | Technology | The Guardian
id:35143 Wizard of Oz experiment - Wikipedia


id:35119 Have your say on changes to the central London Ultra Low Emission Zone - Transport for London - Citizen Space
id:35120 Politwoops - All deleted tweets from politicians
id:35121 the ultimate cheese on toast [5 ingredients | 10 minutes]
id:35122 McAlpine S23U Multifit Blanking Plug White 32mm | Compression Waste |


id:35115 The Japanese practice of 'forest bathing' has scientifically proven health benefits Quartz
id:35116 Forever and Ever and Ever: Uncanny Doubles in The Shining
id:35117 Climbing Out Of Facebook's Reality Hole
id:35118 Siri is dying. Long live Susan Bennett. - Typeform blog


id:35106 Tim Harford: Life Has Become Incomparably Better | The Reading Lists
id:35107 BBC revives Tomorrow's World name for season of programmes | Media | The Guardian
id:35108 Garden Bridge: London mayor Sadiq Khan withdraws support - BBC News
id:35109 Algorithmic Art - Tyler Hobbs - A Generative Approach to Simulating Watercolor Paints
id:35110 Game Board Storage Art
id:35111 You Have Been Murdered By Clerks
id:35112 Helmhurts | Almost looks like work
id:35113 Hold on to your FRAKTA blue bags. It's high fashion. - IKEA Hackers - IKEA Hackers
id:35114 Tom Scott vs Irving Finkel: The Royal Game of Ur | PLAYTHROUGH | International Tabletop Day 2017 - YouTube


id:35104 Inside the High-Flying World of Estonian Extreme Swinging - Atlas Obscura
id:35105 Association of Facebook Use With Compromised Well-Being: A Longitudinal Study | American Journal of Epidemiology | Oxford Academic


id:35101 Biggest annual rise in deaths for almost fifty years prompts warnings of crisis in elderly care - Telegraph
id:35102 Paolozzi-Map-Download-small.pdf
id:35103 Build a Better Monster: Morality, Machine Learning, and Mass Surveillance


id:35097 Psychologys Racism-Measuring Tool Isnt Up to the Job -- Science of Us
id:35098 On The Turing Completeness of PowerPoint (SIGBOVIK) - YouTube
id:35099 Subject of Scientology film: Louis Theroux used 'morally bankrupt tactics' | Television & radio | The Guardian
id:35100 Six top tips for photographing bluebells | National Trust


id:35093 Superflex: Flooded McDonald's | Exhibitions | South London Gallery
id:35094 Chris Packham cleared of assault in Malta after confronting bird hunters | World news | The Guardian
id:35095 Gold sovereign hoard found in college piano declared as treasure | UK news | The Guardian
id:35096 1861 Tooley Street fire - Wikipedia


id:35092 Performing a Quiet Line Test (broadband, fault, line, noise, pop, quiet, telephone, test)


id:35090 An envelope in a Barcelona flea market held the work of an unknown master photographer
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id:35073 Street Artist Paints Over Ugly Graffiti to Make it Legible | Colossal
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id:35067 Livejournal's Russian owners announce new anti-LGBT policy, fandom stages mass exodus / Boing Boing
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id:35070 Satirist John Clarke, of Clarke and Dawe fame, dies aged 68 - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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id:35066 Climate change impacting most species on Earth, even down to their genomes | Environment | The Guardian


id:35062 L'Arm Chair du Monde: February 2012
id:35063 Towards a Gardened City: Regenerating the Doddington Estate, Battersea | Phil Pawlett Jackson -
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id:35045 Leaked litter strategy: Drivers to be fined 60 for throwing rubbish from car
id:35046 A sheep lying on its back is close to death but can be saved


id:35044 'Dog kennel' flats in Barnet will be 40% smaller than Travelodge room | Society | The Guardian


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id:34927 Draw The Line Over 100 comic artists present positive political actions anyone can take.
id:34928 Draw The Line Over 100 comic artists present positive political actions anyone can take.
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id:34896 'Extraordinary' levels of toxic pollution found in 10km deep Mariana trench | Environment | The Guardian


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id:34875 Language Log >> Dialectology of Japanese reflexive exclamations
id:34876 Transparent, gel-based robots can catch and release live fish | MIT News


id:34869 Battersea Power Station opens new stretch of Thames riverbank to public for first time since 1930s as part of regeneration (From Your Local Guardian)
id:34870 Press Statement: Why I held up that sign behind Nigel Farage - Seb Dance MEP
id:34871 Doctors from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges reveal a list of NHS treatments that offer little or no benefit to patients | City A.M.
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id:34840 Zebra shark makes world-first switch from sexual to asexual reproduction - ScienceAlert


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id:34812 Giant iceberg poised to break off from Antarctic shelf | World news | The Guardian
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id:34807 Sadiq Khan: Why I will continue to fight for TfL to take over more rail services | London Evening Standard
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id:34791 New map reveals shattering effect of roads on nature | Environment | The Guardian
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id:34788 Uber blames humans for self-driving car traffic offenses as California orders a halt | Technology | The Guardian
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id:34783 Stepping back 3.6m years: footprints yield new clues to humans ancestors | Science | The Guardian
id:34784 The Shard | Davide D'Amico | Flickr
id:34785 EFF's New Wordlists for Random Passphrases | Electronic Frontier Foundation
id:34786 Research On Chinese Haze Helps Crack Mystery Of London's Deadly 1952 Fog : The Two-Way : NPR
id:34787 Artist Benedetto Bufalino Unveils a Disco Ball Cement Truck | Colossal


id:34779 Jane Austen 5 note 'worth 50,000' spent in Blackwood - BBC News
id:34780 Tiny Cloud on Vimeo
id:34781 The simulation that proves standing only escalators work on the Tube
id:34782 Unreal Engine 4 Real-time New TFL Tube - YouTube


id:34777 A/N/N/A/R/C/H/I/V/E
id:34778 HS2 accused of 'brainwashing' schoolchildren on high-speed rail route | UK news | The Guardian


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id:34775 Types of snow - Wikipedia
id:34776 Stop donating canned goods to food drives: Your corned mutton castoffs are only making things worse | National Post


id:34773 EU negotiators will offer Brits an individual opt-in to remain EU citizens, chief negotiator confirms | The Independent


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id:34756 That viral graph about millennials declining support for democracy? Its very misleading. - The Washington Post
id:34757 Coherent oscillations in word-use data from 1700 to 2008 : Palgrave Communications
id:34758 The joy of slang - BBC News
id:34759 The age of outrage
id:34760 Concrete Society provides Technical Information, Publications,Magazines, Membership, Advisory, Bookshop, Education
id:34761 Stellar Telescopic Cranes featured on How It's Made! | StarBlog


id:34750 diamond geezer
id:34751 The Motions of Kayaking and Canoeing Recorded through Light Painting on Canadian Waterways | Colossal
id:34752 The saga of 'Pizzagate': The fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread - BBC News
id:34753 Escape game in Camden Town London - Mission: Breakout
id:34754 Hidden meanings: Harry Pearce's accidental street art in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian
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id:34743 Man left with bill for taking statues sword (From York Press)
id:34744 Silicon Valley Has an Empathy Vacuum - The New Yorker
id:34745 Tabletopia on Steam
id:34746 Transport for London advertising policy - tfl-advertising-policy.pdf
id:34747 Facebook blocked links to a popular fake news detector - The Verge
id:34748 ASA Ruling on Valve Corporation and Hello Games Ltd - Advertising Standards Authority
id:34749 Games with Two: A Look at the Jones' Theory


id:34736 Surprise! Long-delayed Copenhagen bridge opens - The Local
id:34737 Two-wheel takeover: bikes outnumber cars for the first time in Copenhagen | Cities | The Guardian
id:34738 Japan's 'Space World' apologizes for freezing 5,000 fish in skating rink -
id:34739 Theyll have to pry my angry stupidity from my cold, dead hands | Robinince's Blog
id:34740 London mayor issues pollution warnings at bus stops and tube stations | UK news | The Guardian
id:34742 Mendace Veritas - Fantasy Flight Games


id:34733 Fold-and-cut theorem - Wikipedia
id:34734 Fold-and-Cut Examples (Erik Demaine)
id:34735 Philip Morris says it may stop selling cigarettes as it launches alternative | Business | The Guardian


id:34723 Walking London one postcode at a time | My Aim a walk in each postcode
id:34724 How to Find Tardigrades (Water Bears) in Your Own Backyard Microcosmos
id:34725 Foldscope - Wikipedia
id:34726 Inside tiny tubes, water turns solid when it should be boiling | MIT News
id:34727 Beef Tallow In New 5 Notes? :
id:34728 Doctor Who composer Delia Derbyshire gets road named in her honor
id:34729 Arson as a Christmas Tradition: The Gvle Goat - YouTube
id:34730 Space could leave you blind, and scientists say they've finally figured out why - ScienceAlert
id:34731 Google's AI just created its own universal 'language'
id:34732 How to solve Facebook's fake news problem: experts pitch their ideas | Technology | The Guardian


id:34722 London's 73-storey Trellis skyscraper gets green light | Business | The Guardian


id:34713 Liza Dalys Generative Blackout Poetry
id:34714 The Japanese Museum of Rocks That Look Like Faces | Colossal
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id:34706 nicolas rivals weaves a luminous red line across natural landscapes in spain
id:34707 NICOLAS RIVALS Photographe
id:34708 data stream (who am I?) - David Devant and his Spirit Wife - YouTube
id:34709 Dogs have 'episodic memories' just like humans, suggests study | Science | The Guardian
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id:34702 CAPSULE by Finji
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