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id:34839 LSE BREXIT Brexit is not the will of the British people it never has been


id:34835 fun games (with images, tweets) hollygramazio Storify
id:34836 The claim that hot water freezes faster than cold water just got even weirder - ScienceAlert
id:34837 What to do if you need to call 999 but cant talk | The Independent
id:34838 Paraprosdokian - Wikipedia


id:34833 Scientists have invented the strongest and lightest material on Earth - ScienceAlert
id:34834 Elephants recognize the voices of their enemies : Nature News & Comment


id:34825 Fabled Lands: He knows, you know
id:34826 The Life-Changing Magic of Decluttering in a Post-Apocalyptic World - The New Yorker
id:34827 User Review | Clue | BoardGameGeek
id:34828 The Jelling Stone - VIKING exhibition at the National Muse | Flickr
id:34829 Revisiting the Black Sunday Hack
id:34830 Tyndall effect - Wikipedia
id:34831 3M Bookshelf Series | Wiki | BoardGameGeek
id:34832 Pulley Logic Gates on Vimeo


id:34824 Hollywood stars skip Golden Globe Awards after-parties for Catan game night - Board Games News, Views & Reviews - Board Games - Table Top Gaming


id:34821 What is the best rechargeable battery pack I can get? : xboxone
id:34822 A new way to punish young cybercriminals make them wear a wifi jammer | Technology | The Guardian
id:34823 The Public Shaming of Englands First Umbrella User | Atlas Obscura


id:34816 Henry Dudeney - Wikipedia
id:34817 The Trickster in the Anthropocene - Feb 22, 2016
id:34818 GW Summer signs | Originally posted for the Guess Where Lond | Flickr
id:34819 Arkham Horror: The Card Game
id:34820 The 16 Best Documentaries of 2016


id:34815 The Three-Player Problem - Lewis Pulsipher | ETC Press


id:34809 London breaches annual air pollution limit for 2017 in just five days | Environment | The Guardian
id:34810 Jonathan Coe: will satire save us in the age of Trump? | Books | The Guardian
id:34811 Healthcare workers prioritize helping people over information security (disaster ensues) / Boing Boing
id:34812 Giant iceberg poised to break off from Antarctic shelf | World news | The Guardian
id:34813 Dayakattai - Wikipedia
id:34814 Stone pinging at Lee Quarry - YouTube


id:34807 Sadiq Khan: Why I will continue to fight for TfL to take over more rail services | London Evening Standard
id:34808 Still File - Skrekkgle


id:34806 Pig Visualizations


id:34804 Stir-Fried Sesame Kale and Red Cabbage
id:34805 How Amazons Problem With Cheap Knockoffs Got So Bad


id:34803 AJapanese technique for overcoming laziness


id:34802 Raymond Briggs: There could be another world war. Terrifying, isnt it? | Books | The Guardian


id:34793 Emu War - Wikipedia
id:34794 Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People
id:34795 Mediocrity principle - Wikipedia
id:34796 How a $64M hack changed the fate of Ethereum, Bitcoin's closest competitor - Technology & Science - CBC News
id:34797 Naoshima | Nikki Pugh | Flickr
id:34798 Twelvetrees Ramp | Long-awaited connection between the Twelv | Flickr
id:34799 Pokemon Go Traveling Salesman Problem
id:34800 Hammock Water Breaks and Drip Lines - The Ultimate Hang
id:34801 Study of UK comedy panel shows finds just one all-female episode | Television & radio | The Guardian


id:34790 Sedentary lifestyles: the hidden factor in the social care crisis | Peter Walker | Opinion | The Guardian
id:34791 New map reveals shattering effect of roads on nature | Environment | The Guardian
id:34792 Big data and government: Chinas digital dictatorship | The Economist


id:34788 Uber blames humans for self-driving car traffic offenses as California orders a halt | Technology | The Guardian
id:34789 Where to play Nomic online | Nomic | BoardGameGeek


id:34783 Stepping back 3.6m years: footprints yield new clues to humans ancestors | Science | The Guardian
id:34784 The Shard | Davide D'Amico | Flickr
id:34785 EFF's New Wordlists for Random Passphrases | Electronic Frontier Foundation
id:34786 Research On Chinese Haze Helps Crack Mystery Of London's Deadly 1952 Fog : The Two-Way : NPR
id:34787 Artist Benedetto Bufalino Unveils a Disco Ball Cement Truck | Colossal


id:34779 Jane Austen 5 note 'worth 50,000' spent in Blackwood - BBC News
id:34780 Tiny Cloud on Vimeo
id:34781 The simulation that proves standing only escalators work on the Tube
id:34782 Unreal Engine 4 Real-time New TFL Tube - YouTube


id:34777 A/N/N/A/R/C/H/I/V/E
id:34778 HS2 accused of 'brainwashing' schoolchildren on high-speed rail route | UK news | The Guardian


id:34774 Proof of Bertrand's postulate - Wikipedia
id:34775 Types of snow - Wikipedia
id:34776 Stop donating canned goods to food drives: Your corned mutton castoffs are only making things worse | National Post


id:34773 EU negotiators will offer Brits an individual opt-in to remain EU citizens, chief negotiator confirms | The Independent


id:34765 Improved Dirk variant | Alhambra | BoardGameGeek
id:34766 Once Upon a Time (The Twilight Zone) - Wikipedia
id:34767 Twilight Zone - Once Upon a Time - Buster Keaton - Video Dailymotion
id:34768 A Filmmakers Journey | Part 1: The Story on Vimeo
id:34769 Penguin physics: how one polymer physicist has revolutionised the way we track penguins
id:34770 Board Game Gift Guide 2016 | Wiki | BoardGameGeek
id:34771 Pantone's color of the year / Boing Boing
id:34772 Dinosaur tail trapped in amber offers insights into feather evolution | Science | The Guardian


id:34762 Cat righting reflex - Wikipedia
id:34763 Digital Sundial by Mojoptix - Thingiverse
id:34764 Mathematics Science Museum beta


id:34756 That viral graph about millennials declining support for democracy? Its very misleading. - The Washington Post
id:34757 Coherent oscillations in word-use data from 1700 to 2008 : Palgrave Communications
id:34758 The joy of slang - BBC News
id:34759 The age of outrage
id:34760 Concrete Society provides Technical Information, Publications,Magazines, Membership, Advisory, Bookshop, Education
id:34761 Stellar Telescopic Cranes featured on How It's Made! | StarBlog


id:34750 diamond geezer
id:34751 The Motions of Kayaking and Canoeing Recorded through Light Painting on Canadian Waterways | Colossal
id:34752 The saga of 'Pizzagate': The fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread - BBC News
id:34753 Escape game in Camden Town London - Mission: Breakout
id:34754 Hidden meanings: Harry Pearce's accidental street art in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian
id:34755 Cribbage | Image | BoardGameGeek


id:34743 Man left with bill for taking statues sword (From York Press)
id:34744 Silicon Valley Has an Empathy Vacuum - The New Yorker
id:34745 Tabletopia on Steam
id:34746 Transport for London advertising policy - tfl-advertising-policy.pdf
id:34747 Facebook blocked links to a popular fake news detector - The Verge
id:34748 ASA Ruling on Valve Corporation and Hello Games Ltd - Advertising Standards Authority
id:34749 Games with Two: A Look at the Jones' Theory


id:34736 Surprise! Long-delayed Copenhagen bridge opens - The Local
id:34737 Two-wheel takeover: bikes outnumber cars for the first time in Copenhagen | Cities | The Guardian
id:34738 Japan's 'Space World' apologizes for freezing 5,000 fish in skating rink -
id:34739 Theyll have to pry my angry stupidity from my cold, dead hands | Robinince's Blog
id:34740 London mayor issues pollution warnings at bus stops and tube stations | UK news | The Guardian
id:34742 Mendace Veritas - Fantasy Flight Games


id:34733 Fold-and-cut theorem - Wikipedia
id:34734 Fold-and-Cut Examples (Erik Demaine)
id:34735 Philip Morris says it may stop selling cigarettes as it launches alternative | Business | The Guardian


id:34723 Walking London one postcode at a time | My Aim a walk in each postcode
id:34724 How to Find Tardigrades (Water Bears) in Your Own Backyard Microcosmos
id:34725 Foldscope - Wikipedia
id:34726 Inside tiny tubes, water turns solid when it should be boiling | MIT News
id:34727 Beef Tallow In New 5 Notes? :
id:34728 Doctor Who composer Delia Derbyshire gets road named in her honor
id:34729 Arson as a Christmas Tradition: The Gvle Goat - YouTube
id:34730 Space could leave you blind, and scientists say they've finally figured out why - ScienceAlert
id:34731 Google's AI just created its own universal 'language'
id:34732 How to solve Facebook's fake news problem: experts pitch their ideas | Technology | The Guardian


id:34722 London's 73-storey Trellis skyscraper gets green light | Business | The Guardian


id:34713 Liza Dalys Generative Blackout Poetry
id:34714 The Japanese Museum of Rocks That Look Like Faces | Colossal
id:34715 Detectiveland
id:34716 Want to Know if the Election was Hacked? Look at the Ballots Medium
id:34717 In the future, will farming be fully automated? - BBC News
id:34718 Are your headphones spying on you?
id:34720 Marcella Hazans Tomato Sauce Recipe - NYT Cooking
id:34721 Debunking Alcoholics Anonymous: Behind the myths of recovery -


id:34705 The President and the bomb | Restricted Data
id:34706 nicolas rivals weaves a luminous red line across natural landscapes in spain
id:34707 NICOLAS RIVALS Photographe
id:34708 data stream (who am I?) - David Devant and his Spirit Wife - YouTube
id:34709 Dogs have 'episodic memories' just like humans, suggests study | Science | The Guardian
id:34710 Five must-see objects at the Design Museum - News - Art Fund
id:34711 Newsquest asks readers to write and publish stories as part of simplified news sharing process Press Gazette
id:34712 Urticating hair - Wikipedia


id:34700 Quiptic | Crosswords | The Guardian
id:34701 Whole Roasted Cauliflower | Christmas Recipes | Jamie Oliver
id:34702 CAPSULE by Finji
id:34703 Facebooks fake news problem is way bigger than fake news - Vox
id:34704 A Good Bundle by Michael Koloch, JayMFernandes, hexdie, Cute Bobs, sutopat, KYLE REIMERGARTIN, Alex Huang, PixelTitans, NeonChameleon, Virtually Competent, selfsame, SeveralBytes, Andrew Brophy, eli fessler, AndyMakes, Ludonaut, Outlands, Derek Andes, joe


id:34691 BBC - A History of the World - Object : Silver Swan
id:34692 The hygge conspiracy | Charlotte Higgins | Life and style | The Guardian
id:34693 Historian finds German decree banishing Trump's grandfather | US news | The Guardian
id:34694 Radio 4 confirms Series 3 of The Missing Hancocks - News - British Comedy Guide
id:34695 Journal accepts bogus paper requesting removal from mailing list | Australia news | The Guardian
id:34696 Nathanial Rackowe, "Black Shed Expanded" at the Parasol U | Flickr
id:34697 Wooden Bomb :
id:34698 Pluralistic ignorance - Wikipedia
id:34699 Brickshelf Gallery - Cathedral boardgame in Lego


id:34680 Dracula: an original card game
id:34681 Rules of Card Games: James Bond
id:34682 BRIKWARS 2010: Chapter Q: QuikWars
id:34683 Mini Museum Second Edition
id:34684 NASA - What on Earth are "Moon Trees?"
id:34685 The Moon Trees
id:34686 Giornale Nuovo: Mitellis Games
id:34687 Il gioco delle monete - Collezioni - opere d'arte, quadri, dipinti, sculture, collezioni pubbliche e private a Bologna - GENUS BONONIAE
id:34688 Empathy is key to political persuasion, new research says
id:34689 2f07d4_546b1b3a850a4271a3b3d2283609e6d9.pdf
id:34690 fleetlights: flying streetlight drones to guide the way at night


id:34673 The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Free Ebook
id:34674 Nonpareils - Wikipedia
id:34675 Games played with Flower Cards
id:34676 How Little Choices Make Sorcery! Feel Epic | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
id:34677 Always believe in your soul: why gold can spell heaven or hell | Art and design | The Guardian
id:34678 What do voters want from Brexit? What UK Thinks: EU
id:34679 #NaBoMaMo: The First 15 Bots Harry Giles


id:34669 Graffiti artists are turning swastikas into adorable animals - The Verge
id:34670 Im Not Down With the Safety Pin Backlash Medium
id:34671 resources - intervention & deescalation
id:34672 Saskatchewan man's dying wish etched into tractor in unique will in 1948 | Metro News


id:34667 Pie Fights | MAGIC: THE GATHERING
id:34668 Shogi Rules | Shogi | BoardGameGeek


id:34666 Subterranean London - immersive interactive | Cities | The Guardian


id:34661 Games of the Ancient World - YouTube
id:34662 Liesegang rings - Wikipedia
id:34663 Symple at Sensei's Library
id:34664 Ludus latrunculorum - Wikipedia
id:34665 AlchemyLanguage | IBM Watson Developer Cloud


id:34659 zanini marco 'colorado' teapot ||| object ||| sotheby's l16149lot8zjdten
id:34660 Utilize the "Steel Man" Tactic to Argue More Effectively


id:34657 European Parliament considers plan to let individual Brits opt-in to keep their EU citizenship | The Independent
id:34658 Use your wits! Can you solve these fiendishly difficult puzzles? | Science | The Guardian


id:34649 Scottish parliament to intervene in article 50 case, says Sturgeon | Politics | The Guardian
id:34650 A Few More Words from R&D | MAGIC: THE GATHERING
id:34651 Iguana chased by snakes - Planet Earth II: Islands - BBC One - YouTube
id:34652 The Long Death of Product 19, the Most Beloved Cereal You've Never Heard Of | Atlas Obscura
id:34653 The Common
id:34654 People excited about Christmas adverts told about rest of human culture
id:34655 Four-color deck - Wikipedia
id:34656 Camp Cards - DAN & DAVE


id:34645 Token (railway signalling) - Wikipedia
id:34646 Its Possible to Be Asleep and Awake at the Same Time -- Science of Us
id:34647 Alastair Campbell vs The Mail
id:34648 Brexit: CPS considers complaint that leave campaigns misled voters | Politics | The Guardian


id:34643 Man hacks Alexa into singing fish robot, terror ensues - The Verge
id:34644 Richat Structure - Wikipedia


id:34640 Diver may have found 'lost nuke' missing since cold war off Canada coast | World news | The Guardian
id:34641 Patchwork: Button Upgrade | BoardGameGeek Store
id:34642 Lanrick | Board Game | BoardGameGeek


id:34627 Doom Survival Guide Blog: Using Your Smart Phone as a Survival Tool
id:34628 How London was built: from Tower Bridge to the South Bank in pictures | Cities | The Guardian
id:34629 COLLAGE - The London Picture Archive
id:34630 Battersea Park: pumping station - COLLAGE - The London Picture Archive
id:34631 Queenstown Road: junction of Battersea Park Road and Queenstown Road - COLLAGE - The London Picture Archive
id:34632 Brixton School of Building: Battersea Park Library and school annexe. - COLLAGE - The London Picture Archive
id:34633 North Korea's 'biggest' export - giant statues - BBC News
id:34634 How NASA Fights to Keep Dying Spacecraft Alive - Scientific American
id:34635 The World's Oldest Council Estate: Then And Now | Londonist
id:34637 Are silent fireworks the answer? -
id:34636 Four Explosive Advancements for Future Fireworks | Smart News | Smithsonian
id:34638 Captain Disillusion: Heroic Feats of YouTube Debunkery - Live at QED 2016 - YouTube
id:34639 Canadian army investigate mysterious 'pinging' sound coming from sea floor | World news | The Guardian


id:34623 Mexican design firm Estudio 3.14 created a rendering of Donald Trump's wall in pink in honor of Ricardo Legorreta Quartz
id:34624 Government declares war on Brutalist architecture | The Independent
id:34625 Emoji Chess Problems (@emojichess) on Twitter
id:34626 Technetium Swirl [explored] | Allies and Morrison at Open Ho | Flickr


id:34615 Bizarre-Looking Beetle Has an Even Weirder Sex Life
id:34616 Chinese tourists have been visiting the village of Kidlington for months - and now we know why
id:34617 The Chelsea Monster | Summerstown182
id:34618 Xanthoria parietina - Wikipedia
id:34619 Cards with theme! | Innovation | BoardGameGeek
id:34620 World Map Projection [AuthaGraph World Map] | Complete list of the winners | Good Design Award
id:34621 Is satire dead? Armando Iannucci and others on why there are so few laughs these days | Culture | The Guardian
id:34622 Why Brexit is not music to the ears of British bands touring Europe | Music | The Guardian


id:34613 Tim Berners-Lee warns of danger of chaos in unprotected public data | Technology | The Guardian
id:34614 Planet Earth II and the bloodthirsty evolution of the nature documentary | Television & radio | The Guardian


id:34612 Watch Prelude online


id:34609 First self-driving cars will be unmarked so that other drivers dont try to bully them | Technology | The Guardian
id:34610 BBC - Future - The ghostly fishing fleet stranded in a desert
id:34611 A review of a new Hitler biography is not so subtly all about Trump - Vox


id:34607 Nymphabet: word game by David Parlett
id:34608 spielstein - games & puzzles by Dieter Stein


id:34601 YouGov | What would make Leave voters change their mind about Brexit?
id:34602 Mars lander's catastrophic crash: new images released | Science | The Guardian
id:34603 The day Doctor Who changed face and transformed TV for ever | Television & radio | The Guardian
id:34606 Cyclists caught riding unlit to be given new lights... not fines and tickets | London Evening Standard
id:34605 Glasgow statues given spooky red LED eyes - Deadline News
id:34604 Bulgaria: Tsar statue mocked for glow-in-the-dark eyes - BBC News


id:34591 Actaea pachypoda - Wikipedia
id:34592 Capture of the Dutch fleet at Den Helder - Wikipedia
id:34593 Night parrot population discovered in Queensland national park | Environment | The Guardian
id:34594 The Snail | At the Greenway, by Channelsea Bridge | diamond geezer | Flickr
id:34595 Memories Mandela Effect
id:34596 GifCities
id:34597 Centuries of Preserved Shipwrecks Found in the Black Sea
id:34598 Kid Needs Permission Slip to Read 'Fahrenheit 451,' His Dad's Response Is Brilliant | The Daily Dot
id:34599 GWL Former Abbey House Baker Street | Jim | Flickr
id:34600 CARCINUS (Karkinos) - Giant Crab of Greek Mythology


id:34585 Some think Theresa May should call a general election. Heres why she cant | Scot Peterson | Opinion | The Guardian
id:34586 Drawing Games |
id:34587 Variations of a Drawing: Sol LeWitt and His Written Instructions Manual - RISD MUSEUM
id:34588 Quindar tones - Wikipedia
id:34589 Thanks to quantum mechanics, this plant glows bright blue to survive in the dark - ScienceAlert
id:34590 The more we lie, the easier it is for our brains to be increasingly more deceitful


id:34584 Oxford Street 'home to three of the most dangerous pedestrian crossings in the UK' | London Evening Standard


id:34582 Dan Schreiber and James Harkin: How we met | The Independent
id:34583 Conquian Card Game Rules | Bicycle Playing Cards


id:34579 Cant we agree to just not have Heathrow at all? | David Mitchell | Opinion | The Guardian
id:34580 PnP in 5 Minutes | BoardGameGeek
id:34581 Pen and Printed Paper Games | BoardGameGeek


id:34577 Seedlip
id:34578 World's longest pub crawl: Maths team plots route between 25,000 UK boozers | Travel | The Guardian


id:34571 Somerset House Studios | Somerset House
id:34572 Children don't come date-stamped and that includes refugees | World news | The Guardian
id:34573 Streets Slick with Neon and Lies (a Space-Biff! review) | Deception: Murder in Hong Kong | BoardGameGeek
id:34574 What happens if you drink five litres of undiluted squash? - BBC News
id:34575 Beyond the Gates of Antares Dice Game - Warlord Games
id:34576 YANSS 086 Change My View You Are Not So Smart


id:34566 Thatcher snatches win from Cameron in vote on century's worst PM | Books | The Guardian
id:34567 Publisher Diary: Mysterium, or What's the Difference Between Mysterium and Tajemnicze Domostwo? | BoardGameGeek News | BoardGameGeek
id:34568 Deception: Murder in Hong Kong | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
id:34569 Bill McKibben: The Question I Get Asked the Most


id:34565 A Talent for Sloth | Laphams Quarterly


id:34556 A Collection of Tear-Able Puns from How It's Made - YouTube
id:34557 Infomercials fanvid - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want - YouTube
id:34558 Terry and June: Secret Agents - Youtube Multiplier
id:34559 How It's Made: Terminators - Youtube Multiplier
id:34560 How One 19-Year-Old Illinois Man Is Distorting National Polling Averages - The New York Times
id:34561 Charlie Brooker: The more horrible an idea, the funnier I find it | Television & radio | The Guardian
id:34562 How It's Made: Chocolate Biscuits - Youtube Multiplier
id:34563 More river crossings for all Londoners | London City Hall
id:34564 Newest Moons (@newestmoons) on Twitter


id:34552 How Jo Malone empty bag stunt helped launch perfume brand in US | Business | The Guardian
id:34553 Government cannot trigger Brexit without MPs' backing, court told | Politics | The Guardian
id:34554 Train operators to refund passengers for delays of 15 minutes or more | The Independent
id:34555 Facebook Live hosts groundbreaking interactive murder mystery | Television & radio | The Guardian


id:34538 English man spends 11 hours trying to make cup of tea with Wi-Fi kettle | Technology | The Guardian
id:34539 Yanko's Experimental Game Joint - Breaking Chess, but just enough
id:34540 The Star St John's Wood - The dark arts of property development
id:34541 Interview with Tine Bech |
id:34542 Silver Street, Bedford | "Reflections of Bedford", Rick Kirb | Flickr
id:34543 Euchre: historic card game described by David Parlett
id:34544 cart - Wikipedia
id:34545 Danny MacAskills Wee Day Out - YouTube
id:34546 A Technical Follow-Up: How We Built the Worlds Prettiest Auto-Generated Transit Maps Transit Medium
id:34547 Fried Rice Syndrome, or You Cant B. cereus! | Food & Drink | | An Asian American collaborative blog
id:34548 'Which EU Law Are You Most Looking Forward To Losing?' - James O'Brien - Presenters - Radio - LBC
id:34549 David Bowies Personal Art Collection to Feature in Three Sales | Sotheby's
id:34550 Fumblerules - Wikipedia
id:34551 'Lager' graffiti vandal caught after tagging restaurant toilet then paying for a beer with his bank card (From Your Local Guardian)


id:34531 World Zombie Day participants undead and alive | Culture | The Guardian
id:34532 The brand personality of rocks
id:34533 Angry Internet Bros Are Arguing With This Twitter Bot for Hours | The Daily Dot
id:34534 Extinction chess - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
id:34535 big butterfly count
id:34536 Mysterious factory break-in raises suspicions about Chinese visit | World news | The Guardian
id:34537 Damning report condemns rising 'racist violence and hate speech' by politicians and press in post-Brexit UK | The Independent


id:34529 Headlinese - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
id:34530 Sub ire as hacks slash word length: getting the skinny on thinnernyms | Media | The Guardian


id:34524 The Internet Really Has Changed Everything. Heres the Proof.
id:34525 tiger | Holbrook Road, Plaistow. | Judy | Flickr
id:34526 diamond geezer
id:34527 Programme 16: The Pattern Forms Mix by Radio Belbury | Mixcloud
id:34528 Skylon (spacecraft) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


id:34521 Theres a Word for Buying Books and Not Reading Them | Acumen | OZY
id:34522 Cycle lanes dont cause traffic jams: theyre part of the solution | Environment | The Guardian
id:34523 Apes can guess what others are thinking - just like humans, study finds | Science | The Guardian


id:34518 Doubling the cube - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
id:34519 Amazon bans 'incentivised' reviews over lack of impartiality | Technology | The Guardian
id:34520 Philippe Parrenos Turbine Hall review mesmerising and unmissable | Art and design | The Guardian


id:34517 Psycho | Sarah O'C | Flickr


id:34516 It's the end of the frog and toad for regional slang, says report | Education | The Guardian


id:34508 Your Signed Books and Artwork Just Got Harder to Sell in California :: Eureka Books: New, Used, and Rare Books in Old Town
id:34509 Microcosms Merge Festival
id:34510 Best Work | "Experiential designer and Adobe Creative Reside | Flickr
id:34511 Rules of Card Games: Democracy
id:34512 Leicester Square Gardens to become interactive illuminated playground
id:34513 Want to Make Ethical Purchases? Stop Buying Illegal Drugs - The New York Times
id:34514 PowerShell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
id:34515 'He has a real shot': Stephen King talks about his horror of a Trump presidency | Books | The Guardian


id:34500 The Inevitable Evolution of Bad Science - The Atlantic
id:34501 The Doves Type | Doves Press Font |
id:34502 How being alone may be the key to rest - BBC News
id:34503 Largest DDoS attack ever delivered by botnet of hijacked IoT devices | Network World
id:34504 The rise and rise of tabletop gaming | Technology | The Guardian
id:34505 Game Plan: Board Games Rediscovered - V&A Museum of Childhood Victoria and Albert Museum
id:34506 Sweden Wants To Fight Our Disposable Culture With Tax Breaks For Repairing Old Stuff | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
id:34507 Enter the Mythos - Fantasy Flight Games


id:34492 Scrabble variants - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
id:34493 Self-discipline is overrated, so go easy on yourself | Life and style | The Guardian
id:34494 Mercury found to be tectonically active
id:34495 Nihilist Whist (@nihilistwhist)
id:34496 Vantablack might not be the world's blackest material | Dazed
id:34497 New Kinetic Sand Drawing Tables by Bruce Shapiro | Colossal
id:34498 Time Might Only Exist in Your Head. And Everyone Elses | WIRED
id:34499 A Mysterious Memorial Appears for Staten Island Ferry That Was Sunk by a Giant Octopus in 1963


id:34491 The 2020 Olympics may have medals made from electronic waste


id:34489 Are Crows Smarter Than Children? National Geographic Society (blogs)
id:34490 Is a moon village the next step for space exploration? ESA's chief thinks so | Science | The Guardian


id:34486 Daily chart: How deplorable are Trump supporters? | The Economist
id:34487 Research looks at the physical facts behind fiction's fascination | University of Oxford
id:34488 Sadiq Khan sets up inquiry into garden bridge project's use of public money | UK news | The Guardian


id:34480 Penney's game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
id:34482 Report: Thieves Helped Crack Bombing Case - The Daily Beast
id:34483 Inside Googles Internet Justice League and Its AI-Powered War on Trolls | WIRED
id:34484 An American tragedy: why are millions of trees dying across the country? | Environment | The Guardian
id:34485 Tammany Hall | Board Game | BoardGameGeek


id:34478 Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
id:34479 Green | | karenlakeman | Flickr


id:34475 What Happens When Architectural Designer Tries Baking Desserts | Bored Panda
id:34476 TinFoil Wiki: Multi Verses
id:34477 Witchcraft Act 1735 - Wikisource, the free online library


id:34470 Mayfair Curzon cinema faces closure over noise from films in flats above it | London Evening Standard
id:34471 Edward Burtynsky on his ravaged Earth shots: 'We've reached peak everything' | Art and design | The Guardian
id:34472 Don't blame grey squirrels: their British invasion had much more to do with us
id:34473 The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race |
id:34474 MySQL :: MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual :: 13.19 Miscellaneous Functions


id:34460 Laser cloaking device could help us hide from aliens
id:34461 Roadie Wrap - YouTube
id:34462 Polymer 5 notes to enter circulation today | Business | The Guardian
id:34463 Ship found in Arctic 168 years after doomed Northwest Passage attempt | World news | The Guardian
id:34464 Gerrymandering | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
id:34465 Untitled | Judy | Flickr
id:34466 British Brexiters shocked to find out they might have to get permission to travel to Europe / Boing Boing
id:34467 The left is playing a dangerous game by ignoring the evidence over immigration | The Independent
id:34468 Under The A12 | Dave Gorman | Flickr
id:34469 The Marvel Symphonic Universe - YouTube


id:34452 Discussion about two lists of games in BGG's "Abstract Games" Category | Abstract Games | BoardGameGeek
id:34453 Time crystals might exist after all
id:34454 Rainbow Deck | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
id:34455 The Kinizia Game Kit | Reiner Knizia | BoardGameGeek
id:34456 Phoenix breakwaters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
id:34457 Fiona the unemployed bettong and the chocolate frog filibuster | First Dog on the Moon | Opinion | The Guardian
id:34458 MASTER LIST of Games playable with a MODIFIED (or UNMODIFIED) deck of STANDARD playing cards. PLEASE ADD! | BoardGameGeek
id:34459 Passengers stuck in Brighton i360 pod for two hours - BBC News


id:34450 Cuttlefish number sense better than a one-year-old human, research shows | Environment | The Guardian
id:34451 Scientists have finally confirmed the cause of London's Great Plague - ScienceAlert


id:34445 Graph coloring - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
id:34446 Chromatic polynomial - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
id:34447 Leaked Catalogue Reveals a Vast Array of Military Spy Gear Offered to U.S. Police
id:34448 Dust, by Phyllis King | In the Dark
id:34449 How Seattle Killed Micro-Housing | Sightline Institute


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id:32640 blank


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id:32618 Parisians carry on shopping as mass graves are exhumed below their feet | World news | The Guardian


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id:32227 BBC Genome
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