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History of Simon

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Revision 3 . . December 12, 2004 12:39 am by Simon [Rewriting, since the Dynasty's over]
Revision 2 . . (edit) December 10, 2004 8:33 pm by Smith
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Changed: 3c3
Sex: M
Sex: Male

Changed: 5c5
Origin: Simon-Simon
Origin: Got bitten by a radioactive puma while travelling through time in a Chevy. May have been drunk at the time. (From "Super Hero Origins #17")

Changed: 7c7
Born: 10
Born: 1984

Changed: 9c9
Died: 90
Died: 2079, shortly after a poorly received book review.

Changed: 11c11
Mother: Unknown
Mother: Quite a nice lady, likes cats.

Changed: 13c13
Father: Unknown
Father: Teaches high school drama out in the sticks.

Changed: 15c15
Spouses: Jane(40-50)
Spouses: He's single, ladies.

Changed: 17c17
Children: Julia(50)
Children: Although sometimes he refers to his copy of Chrono Trigger as his "baby," he doesn't actually have any offspring.

Changed: 19c19
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