Curriculum Vitae

Kevan Davis

I'm a freelance web developer working mainly in PHP, Perl and MySQL. I'm also active in a broad range of game design fields, from board and web games through to ARGs and pervasive street games.

I'm currently available for work in the London area. If you'd like to contact me, I can be reached at, or through my LinkedIn profile.

Past work

Present Drop (2011)

Cutout tile game on the back of the 2011 Cadbury Christmas Selection Box.

Take Me To Your Scientist (2011)

Live event at the Science Museum co-designed with Hide&Seek.

Boardgame Remix Kit (2010)

Board game design and development with Hide&Seek and James Wallis.

Hide&Seek Weekender (2009)

Website design and development, and designing and running a few pervasive games.

Ludocity (2008)

An open repository and discussion forum for pervasive game rulesets, released under creative commons.

Space Station Dana (2008)

Game design for a live event at the Science Museum's Dana Centre, in collaboration with Coney.

Hide and Seek Festival (2008)

Website design and development for the festival of social games and playful experiences.

Unnamed ARG project (2008)

Puzzle design and narrative structure work on an alternate reality game.

Hide and Seek Sandpit (2008-2009)

A monthly pervasive-game playtesting evening held in galleries, nightclubs and other strange venues. Assistant organiser, website developer and designer of several games.

The Rubbish Game (2008)

Two live gaming events for the Science Museum's Dana Centre, designed in collaboration with Coney.

Chore Wars (2007)

A chore management system where a household, family or office can create a party of adventurers, who are then able to claim experience points for completing chores. Sole designer and programmer, apart from commissioned artwork.

The Science of Spying (2006)

Several game designs for the interactive sections of this exhibition at the London Science Museum.

Urban Dead (2005)

A popular, text-based, zombie-themed browser MMORPG, which peaked at around 50,000 human-controlled characters. The game has included promotional spinoff maps with new features for the UK launches of Diary of the Dead and Dead Set, in 2008. Sole designer and programmer.

Art Explorer (2004)

A scrapbook system for the Art Institute of Chicago, allowing students and teachers to compile and share scrapbooks from the institute's existing exhibit database. Programming contract for Cognitive Applications.

The Bichard Inquiry (2004)

A customised content-management system for sharing the transcripts and details of the inquiry with the press. Programming contract for Cognitive Applications.

National Portrait Gallery Press Release Section (2004)

A scratch-built press-release content management and press-image sharing system for the gallery. Programming and design contract for Cognitive Applications.

The Frank Coffyn Collection (2003)

A back-end system allowing historians and experts to annotate a series of antique photographs, and a front-end website sharing the results with the public. Programming contract for Cognitive Applications.

The Surrealist (2002)

An ongoing collection of viral web toys and games.

Employment history