Friday the Twenty-Fourth of May, 2019

Science – Human_Machine_Improv
"The best improvisational theatre actors can make any scene partner, of any skill level or ability, appear talented and proficient in the art form, and thus “make them shine”. [...] To challenge this improvisational paradigm, we built an artificial intelligence (AI) trained to perform live shows alongside human actors for human audiences." (filed under: robots comedy science)

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Thursday the Sixteenth

Strangeharvest :: Self Storage & Architectural Hallucinations
"The lighthouse is the 4 story, 3 dimensional trademark of the Shurgard self storage company." (filed under: architecture design light)

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Friday the Third

The Open-Ended Machine: Rules
"The Open-Ended Machine (TŒM) uses narratives to create and to rule on the outcomes of a conflict or plan by drawing from the knowledge and imagination of players and umpires." (filed under: games nomic roleplaying)

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Tuesday the Nineteenth of March

Pole position: human body might be able to pick up on Earth's magnetic field | Science | The Guardian
"Each participant was asked to enter the cage and sit still on a wooden chair in the dark, facing straight ahead towards the north." (filed under: magnets brains)

Glanced at: The Fairy of the Phone (1936) | BFI

Friday the Eleventh of January

The Flexicat: A card game system for new games, or to emulate way too many existing ones – The Wrong Tools
"Each of the 88 card names has one letter emphasized in bold. Below the name, each card has 0-3 dots to suggest a point value, with rarer letters having more points." (filed under: games cards hacking cats) (via: zarba)

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Friday the Fourth

This Village Used to Make 60% of the World’s Paintings—Now Its Future Is in Jeopardy - Artsy
"Individual workers each focused on a specific compositional element—background details, or eyes, or trees—dutifully painting their part and then passing the canvas along the chain." (filed under: art illusions china)

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Monday the Thirty-First of December, 2018

Very Slow Movie Player – Bryan Boyer – Medium
"It can be noticed, glanced-at, or even inspected, but not watched." (filed under: films technology time hacking)

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Thursday the Twentieth

Dirty dealing in the $175 billion Amazon Marketplace - The Verge
"After hoverboards started exploding in 2016 and Amazon became more vigilant about safety claims, sellers started buying each other’s products, setting them on fire, and posting photos in the reviews." (filed under: internet shopping lies scams)

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Tuesday the Eleventh

4,000-Year-Old Game Board Carved into the Earth Shows How Nomads Had Fun
"Archaeologists say that the rock shelter and it's ancient game board were used by nomadic cattle herders during the Bronze Age, about 4,000 years ago." (filed under: games board history stone)

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Monday the Tenth

Cragne Manor
"The game was written and programmed by more than eighty authors. Each contributor was assigned one room. We didn't tell anybody what was going on in anybody else's room." (filed under: if secrets)

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Thursday the Sixth

CQ archive
"Concrete Quarterly is published by The Concrete Centre and encompasses design guidance, aspiration, inspiration, vision and latest projects." (filed under: construction architecture history)

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Friday the Thirtieth of November

NaNoGenMo entry 2018: "Out of Nowhere"
"...a 50,000-word stage play generated from the English example sentences given in late 19th and early 20th century European phrasebooks. Among a cast of seventeen, each character is assigned their own phrasebook and will only use verbatim sentences from it in their speech." (filed under: nanogenmo language creations)

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