Friday the Twentieth of September, 2019

Kugel fountain - Wikipedia
"Pressurized water flows between the sphere and socket, creating a mechanical hydrostatic bearing that is nearly frictionless. The sphere can weigh thousands of kilograms, but the efficient bearing allows it to be spun by the force of a hand." (filed under: water physics art)

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Thursday the Twelfth

Use the 20-Second Rule to Form Better Habits - Lifehacker
"Achor recounts how just moving his guitar to be in immediate reach instead of 20 seconds away made him practice more." (filed under: time)

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Friday the Sixth

Snaddering: Board Games to Create and Play
I've got a board game doodle book out next month, with Viviane Schwarz. "Snaddering is a way to rapidly invent a board game about anything with your friends." (filed under: games design nomic books creations board)

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Friday the Twenty-Third of August

Digital Ludeme Project - Project
"The combination of disciplines and methods is unique enough to warrant the founding of an entire new field of study: digital archeoludology." (filed under: board games history mysteries)
Monopoly for Socialists - The Globalist
Hungarian game from 1960. "They do not build houses — nor hotels, either. The aim of the game, in proper socialist fashion, is not to amass an empire of property and wealth. It is to successfully buy, pay for and fully furnish an apartment." (filed under: games history politics board)

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Monday the Twelfth

The world is chaos. Escape rooms make sense. - Vox
"So much of real life is taking actions that don't matter. [...] You're using your faculties and senses in ways that you're not accustomed to, and you’re impacting the world around you in ways that are not normal." (filed under: games design puzzles)

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Tuesday the Sixth

Tardigrades may have survived spacecraft crashing on moon | Science | The Guardian
"Because the moon is considered lifeless, Nasa’s office of planetary protection does not frown on missions that spill Earthly organisms on its surface." (filed under: space science)

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Tuesday the Thirtieth of July

"By using your location, [TreeTalk] will create a circular walk from your home, or any other address, and will take you past interesting trees in your local neighbourhood." (filed under: trees london maps walking)

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Friday the Twelfth

Why did moving the mouse cursor cause Windows 95 to run more quickly? - Retrocomputing Stack Exchange
" moving the cursor you were telling windows that you are the most important event running. When you stop interacting windows gives priority to other events. So installing programs even when in foreground would give priority to less important events." (filed under: computers history delusions time)

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Tuesday the Second

Futuristic sounds to make electric buses safer hit wrong note | World news | The Guardian
"There is a danger that there is going to be so many different wacky sounds from lots of different companies that it going to be really hard to work out what is a vehicle and what is something else in a city." (filed under: transport sound london illusions)

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Wednesday the Twelfth of June

London Pavement Geology
"There is a wealth of high quality rock samples of all types to be seen in the capital, mostly visible to the public from the pavement." (filed under: stone london maps) (via: viv)

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Tuesday the Eleventh

Playing the Picturesque – installation by You+Pea
"The [RIBA] installation takes the form of a series of scaled folly structures extracted from real picturesque landscapes, extended into interactive virtual game environments through digital projections." (filed under: architecture simulations)

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