Wednesday the Eighteenth of April, 2018

How Arrow-Wielding Men Mapped Britain in the 1940s - Atlas Obscura
"A quintessential revision point might be a scratch on a wall, or the corner of a doorway, or an old nail sticking out of a post—something so ordinary, unchanging and small, most people wouldn’t even notice it." (filed under: maps history secrets)

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Tuesday the Seventeenth

Forensic Architecture - Home
"The premise of FA is that analysing violations of human rights and international humanitarian law (IHL) in urban, media-rich environments requires modelling dynamic events as they unfold in space and time, creating navigable 3D models of sites of conflict and the creation of animations and interactive cartographies on the urban or architectural scale." (filed under: crime simulation video)

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Thursday the Fifth

The Folly Fellowship
"The Folly Fellowship was founded in 1988 as a pressure group to protect, preserve, and promote follies, grottoes & garden buildings. At this time, many follies were in a ruinous condition (although some were built that way) and the genre was largely an historic one that we felt worth preserving." (filed under: architecture history)

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Tuesday the Twenty-Seventh of March

victoria j dean - The Illusion of Purpose
"Disconnected from the modern digital world, these material structures and the systems in which they once functioned are obsolete. With the simplicity and directness of a symbolic form, each structure withholds its message, alluding to a relic from a forgotten language." (filed under: architecture history) (via: viv)

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Saturday the Twenty-Fourth

On the Hunt for the Lost Wonders of Medieval Britain - Atlas Obscura
"When, sometime between the 9th and 12th centuries, a native son took up the task of listing the Wonders of Britain, he included a lake with 60 islands in it and a fountain of salt, a levitating altar and a shape-shifting royal burial mound—all told, 26 natural phenomena and small miracles." (filed under: maps history mysteries)

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Monday the Twelfth

This dire Battersea Power Station development is genuinely dystopian | Opinion | Architects Journal
"Instead of a heart, [Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea] has a heavy-security US embassy with a moat around it." (filed under: london architecture)
YouTube, the Great Radicalizer - The New York Times
"It seems as if you are never “hard core” enough for YouTube’s recommendation algorithm. It promotes, recommends and disseminates videos in a manner that appears to constantly up the stakes." (filed under: video society software psychology)

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Friday the Ninth

John Johnson and Harding Collections
"Writing Blanks, Board Games and other Educational Games of the 18th and 19th centuries from the John Johnson and Harding Collections" - historical boardgame scans from the Bodleian. (filed under: games history dice board)

Glanced at: The Journey or Cross Roads to Conqueror's Castle | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Thursday the First

Why We Forget Most of the Books We Read - The Atlantic
"Horvath and his colleagues at the University of Melbourne found that those who binge-watched TV shows forgot the content of them much more quickly than people who watched one episode a week." (filed under: memory television books) (via: lmg)

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Tuesday the Twentieth of February

Deadly CO2 gases in the Plutonium of Hierapolis (Denizli, Turkey) | SpringerLink
"The site was first described by Strabo and Plinius as a gate to the underworld. During centuries, it attracted even ancient tourists. In a grotto below the temple of Pluto, CO2 was found to be at deadly concentrations of up to 91%." (filed under: poison history religion)

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Monday the Fifth

SA4QE - The Slickman A4 Quotation Event |
"Every 4th February (Russell's birthday), readers around the world write their favourite quotations from his books on sheets of yellow A4 paper (the sort he used) and leave them in public places." (filed under: writing graffiti) (via: jodi) at: Senator warns YouTube algorithm may be open to manipulation by 'bad actors' | Technology | The GuardianBreaking Bad 10th Anniversary Reunion: Vince Gilligan, More Reflect VarietyThe Six Shooter (1953-54) podcast | FourbleSeedshipXanax misuse: doctors warn of 'emerging crisis' as UK sales rise | Society | The GuardianVery creepy crawlies: 'proto-spiders' with long tails discovered in amber | Science | The GuardianBecoming Shades | VAULT Festival 2018Are We Running Out of Ideas? - Freakonomics FreakonomicsMeet the dogs of Chernobyl the abandoned pets that formed their own canine community | Life and style | The GuardianEmpathy Museum presents: A Mile in My Shoes Migration

Thursday the First

The Lion Man: an Ice Age masterpiece – The British Museum Blog
"An experiment by Wulf Hein using the same sort of stone tools available in the Ice Age indicate that the Lion Man took more than 400 hours to make." (filed under: history religion art)

Glanced at: Werner's nomenclature of colours : with additions, arranged so as to render it highly useful to the arts and sciences, particularly zoology, botany, chemistry, mineralogy, and morbid anatomy : annexed to which are examples selected from well-known objects - Neptunism - Wikipedia -
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