Tuesday the Eighteenth of February, 2020

Minichess - Wikipedia
"Chess on a 3×3 board does not have any clearly defined starting position. However, it is a solved game: the outcome of every possible position is known. [...] The longest checkmate on 3×3 board takes 16 moves." (filed under: chess board games mutation)

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Sunday the Sixteenth

Stimulation of Empress Tree Seed Germination by Liquid Smoke | SpringerLink
"After a period of imbibition in liquid smoke, the seeds were irradiated with an inductive 5 min red light pulse and left to germinate in darkness for additional 7 days." (filed under: plants fire light illusions)

Norfolk, Aldborough | Whitefriars signature - Stained glass  | FlickrGlanced at: Stained Glass Signatures/Maker's Marks | FlickrNumerous species that inhabit fire-dependent ecosystems have evolved reproductive strategies to adapt to factors associated wiWhitechapel Fatberg Manhole Cover London, England - Atlas ObscuraA short history of the O'Reilly animals - O'Reilly MediaPristimantis mutabilis - WikipediaHQ, maker of the once-popular HQ Trivia, is shutting down - The Verge

Wednesday the Twelfth

How London got rid of private cars – and grew more congested than ever | Politics | The Guardian
"I was looking at Amazon, then I realised there were a hundred and one people delivering to my own building every second." (filed under: london traffic transport)

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Thursday the Sixth

London Spiral Walk – A 260 mile detour from Kings Cross to Gravesend
"The London Spiral is a walk around London following the path of a spiral that begins at Kings Cross Station and circles out over 6 loops around the whole of the city until it reaches Gravesend, 24 miles east of the centre at the start of the Thames Estuary." (filed under: london walking)
Board-game piece from period of first Viking raid found on Lindisfarne | Science | The Guardian
"Archaeologists believe the object, made from swirling blue and white glass with a small “crown” of white glass droplets, is a gaming piece from the Viking board game hnefatafl (“king’s table”), or a local version of the game." (filed under: games board history glass)

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Monday the Third

SIMON WECKERT - Google Maps Hacks
"99 second hand smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps.Through this activity, it is possible to turn a green street red which has an impact in the physical world by navigating cars on another route to avoid being stuck in traffic." (filed under: maps illusions phones gps)

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Monday the Twenty-Seventh of January

Ghost Leg - Wikipedia
"Ghost Leg, known in Japan as Amidakuji or in Korea as Sadaritagi, is a method of lottery designed to create random pairings between two sets of any number of things, as long as the number of elements in each set is the same." (filed under: maths random)

Tuesday the Fourteenth

Medieval Mystery Plays | A Writer's Perspective
"Each guild performed a play relating to their guild. In York the Guild of Goldsmiths was responsible for the Coming of the Three Kings. In Chester it was the vintners who performed their version of the play. In York the Guild of Shipwrights put on the Building of the Ark. In Chester the Guild of Bakers presented the Betrayal of Christ." (filed under: theatre history)

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Saturday the Twenty-First of December, 2019

Kaiju Invasion Drill - Ludocity
"Any tall building which dominates the skyline in the way that a giant lizard or robot might - you'll know one when you see it - is a Kaiju." (filed under: games cities architecture creations)

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Thursday the Nineteenth

The deadweight loss of Christmas (pdf)
"While it is possible for a giver to choose a gift which the recipient ultimately values above its price - for example, if the recipient is not perfectly informed – it is more likely that the gift will leave the recipient worse off than if she had made her own consumption choice with an equal amount of cash. In short, gift-giving is a potential source of deadweight loss." (filed under: money)

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Tuesday the Third

November is National Conspiracy Writing Month (NaCoWriMo)
"Participants will have the thirty days of November to compile what we call a conspiracy kit — the minimum viable material necessary to get a true conspiracy theory rolling." (filed under: writing fiction secrets)

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Saturday the Thirtieth of November

Hyloe's Book of Games: NaNoGenMo 2019
My entry for this year. "50,183 words of fictional card games." (filed under: nanogenmo cards games creations)
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