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A fine collection of Gustave Doré's epic artwork for the Divine Comedy, the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and various other things. (This one now serves as my backdrop.) [from Tyrethali] Angie has been busy, gathering together thumbnail screenshots of the blogs she links to. It's striking how these are far more intriguing and inviting than plain text links. And how powerfully identifiable the designs of the blogs I've been reading for a while have become, even at a distance. It'd be nice if the GBlogs gateway stole this idea, and allowed us to submit tiny thumbnails...
Insane post-Darwinian paradise-engineering plans for world domination from the drug-laden Hedonistic Imperative, stomping out nasty old pain receptors and thoughtful misery in favour of mandatory and permanent genetically-engineered bliss.
"States of sublime well-being are destined to become the genetically pre-programmed norm of mental health. The world's last unpleasant experience will be a precisely dateable event."
How boring does that sound? [via Interconnected]
This is horribly, horribly reminiscent of the whispering HeLa paint in How The Dead Live; Shanghai scientists have produced a wall paint that reacts to temperature, having an appropriate cooling or insulating effect and even changing colour - a soothing pale blue on sunny days, a warming rouge in the winter. Clever, but wouldn't houses just end up with vast and blotchy "sweat patches" at intermediate temperatures?
"The song of the common blue-tit will unwittingly bring about the next ice age." - Amazing Facts in The Foldover Game. Our dear government is, apparently, set to ban human cloning, which seems disappointingly contrary to what I thought their general stance was. "Mr Milburn will say that the only way to ensure human cloning never takes place is to ban it by law.", hilariously. Maybe we should try banning murder and robbery, too.
The blurb on the back of The Man in the White Suit gives away the final scene of the film in its entirety; is it assumed to be such a classic that we all know it? Hm. Maybe it should be.

A pleasant surprise to discover where Devant got the gurgling sounds and "Shall we try it now?" dialogue for "Sex Maniacs" from, all the same.

The Secret Policeman's Ball reinvents itself as We Know Where You Live, rallying under the banner of the Izzard. The place to be is the Wembley Arena on Sunday July the 3rd, with tickets ranging from twenty-five quid to thirty-five, and the line-up - apart from Eddie himself - remaining a "closely-guarded secret". Very tempting.
The inherent redundancy of spam: "If you own an online business and are reading this email..." The laughably eighties-sounding National Hi-Tech Crime Unit launches itself in the UK today, clamping down on "cybercrime" and vaguely assuring us that they won't invade any civil liberties. I look forward to each constabulary getting their own "cyber cop", though, in a misunderstanding-for-comic-effect sort of way.
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