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An impressive (if silent and rather sluggardly) Colour GameBoy emulator, running as a Java applet with a fine selection of games. Does anyone know a good place to buy a Colour GameBoy, out of interest? [via tim@MCiOS] Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulators at the ready; tiny Marvin the Martian sound clips and backdroppable T-shirt designs.
Lightweight throwing giraffes, which clip-clop across the screen and uncoil in an unsettlingly snail-like manner after you've dragged them around or dropped them from the sky. There's a nice scattering of ball bearings to play with, too, nearby. [via qwertyuiop]
Further overpopulation incentive from Blair, with trust funds for newborns. I daresay tuition fees will evolve effortlessly to absorb such things by 2019. My devious brother has some spare tickets for Madonna's UK tour, he tells me, if anyone wants to make him an offer.
A weirdly beautiful and eye-wrenching animated tesseract. I really ought to dig out Michio Kaku's Hyperspace again, and try and force my way through its brain-mangling superstring chapters. [via Blue Ruin]
Paul spuriously argues that cutlery drawers should be arranged fork-spoon-knife for maximum end-use efficiency, but surely the table-layer is just going to bundle the utensils together in their hand regardless? All you really need is an arbitrary form of consistency, to prevent you pulling out a fork for your cornflakes.

It does intrigue me that quite a few people seem to favour the alphabetic approach without realising, though. Memetic evolution, subconsciously inherited from parents and passed on to other people when you happen to be putting their cutlery into an empty drawer? How do you sort yours?

An epic article on the history of the thesaurus, and a look at the validity of Roget's work. Pity I don't have as much online reading time as I'd like, really. [via the Guardian Weblog]
Friends Reunited is a fairly exhaustive database of UK schools, which site visitors can admit to having attended. Fairly sparsely populated, at least the bits I've looked at, but you never know, you might find someone you'd lost touch with (and who doesn't show up on search-engines, which I guess we've all tried at some point).

The "register for 5 to actually send a message to anyone" clause seems a bit cheeky, hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of benevolent spam-avoidance, but I suppose it's fair enough, and a slim price if you actually find a mislaid cohort from your youth.

"Newspapers reported on Tuesday that the makers of "Reign of Fire", a mythical adventure about dragons taking over England, have set the film amid snow-capped 3,000-foot mountains in Norfolk."
Impressive resources for amateur board-or-card game designers; lists of publishers and manufacturers and all sorts of game-component gubbins, as well as links to articles of advice. Self-adhesive postage stamps disappoint me, the experience of sending a parcel considerably less fulfilling when you remove the fleeting element of taste. I feel cheated.
A rather poorly-synched Space Robot Flash movie (with music lifted, naturally, from the Laziest Men on Mars's glorious Terrible Secret of Space MP3). Pretty, expensive, liable-to-fade-in-dishwasher Space Robot merchandise is also available. [via Tired Lil' Brit Girl] Nice to see a poster for a razor designed to combat limb-shrinkage, this morning, promising that "Legs stay smoother, longer."
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