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I'm a bit thinly read on memetic theory, but this paper on Units, Events and Dynamics in Memetic Evolution presents some elegant notation for the spread of memes, covering belief, awareness of belief and deception quite neatly.
Hm, the Emode Career Test has me down as a Detective. Likely careers; detective, FBI agent, mathematician, philosopher, financial analyst, intelligence officer. Curious. [via Angie] Beautifully straightforward Photoshop tips, presented with step-by-step screenshots of what you're supposed to be doing. I've been meaning to get into proper Photoshop design for ages; this is, I think, sufficient impetus. [via Matt]
There was a strikingly bizarre bit in the Saturday Guardian's Jon Ronson article:-
"Carol Howe testified that she was at your house when Tim Tuttle telephoned you shortly before the Oklahoma bomb," I said.

"Yeah, well," said Dennis, sharply. "That was another Tim. Okay? Another Tim. His name was Tim Buttle."

Subtle joke, or was Terry Gilliam in on it all?
Current title slogan lifted from Tyrethali, during the creation of the unexpectedly good Jabberwock Dvorak deck, incidentally. Carelessly reusing good phrases without credit is one of my heaviest guilt-related fears. Bravo to the Super Mario Land level-select cheat that begins "Successfully complete the game twice in succession..."
Colour photographs of early 20th century Russia; originally taken as separate black-and-white slides through three shades of coloured glass for later reprojection, the Library of Congress have deftly recombined them through modern image-processing technology to create an astoundingly sharp and clear set of pictures, looking for all the world as if they were taken yesterday. Thoroughly amazing. [via Raak@MCiOS]
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