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L'Oreal - because they're worth it or because we're worth it?
Free catfood. It's part of some cynical Whiskas market research thing, trying to get the nation's cats hooked on expensive plastic-pouch gunk. Rupert will get what he's given, though, when he's through with the half-dozen free samples. Bizarre to first hear of such a thing on Today (part of a rather half-hearted debate on whether people writing sequels to other people's work was a good or bad thing), but someone's recently written Night of the Triffids, apparently.
"It has three buttons on its chest. One makes it turn into a monkey, the second gives it extra strength, the third makes it invisible."
Delhi's "monkey man" killer strikes again, and local police suspect that it may be an "alien or remote-controlled robot". Sounds like a job for Carl Kolchak. (Either that or it's just, oh, I don't know, people panicking due to sensationalist rumour and news coverage. One person fainting, one falling-down-stairs. I could build a better killer monkey robot than that.)
Die Oster Insel; a board game where players fill hollow-plastic moai with bits of gravel. It isn't really as interesting as it might be, though, sadly. Deckmatch; Quake played with a pack of standard playing cards. Some very stylish ideas for card artwork, too.
"The room is spinning very gently round your head. Or at least it would be if you could see it which you can't."
Infocom's Hitch-Hiker's Guide text adventure in a Java applet.
News news news news news - Johnny Vegas has an official Web page. [so says Nik] A brief but mildly insightful interview with Simon Munnery; "The closer you get to the BBC, the more you realise it's not one entity. It's just a load of people who work for it briefly before going somewhere else. It's not like a person. It's like a gas."
Douglas Adams dies, with a sudden and confusing unfairness, and the world reaches for inanely offensive references from his books. Tragic that he won't be around to see the inevitable fruition of some of his grander projects and ideas (watching the TV series again, you can't help but feel that we'll all be toting proper, glowing-display WAP Guides in a few years' time), but his widespread impact on the world and continued ability to turn a good phrase are things to raise a glass to. Time to do some re-reading.
More or less everything by Kevan Davis.
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