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Junk mail "in association with the Royal Mail" - a questionnaire that promises it can stop unwanted mailshots coming through my letterbox. A questionnaire that asks a hundred questions of me and/or hypothetical pets and children, so it can tell exactly which particular mailshots I might consider "unwanted". Ahem.

I don't know, I'm always in two minds about this sort of thing - it'd be nice to be told of things I wanted to know about, to receive vouchers for things I'd genuinely buy, but the sphere of relevance is always stretched too thinly by desperate chancers. I'd pay good money for a service that emailed or paper-mailed me about very specific things I was interested in, that would risk similar things if I ticked a box, that would shut up about Radiohead if I told them to. Decent Things, but as much about products as events, with appropriate and copious industry connections. Companies paying money to get stuff advertised through it, being billed on a "people who really are interested" basis. Hmm.

Insanely, AOL-search is under the impression that this is the only site in the world that mentions Brittney Cleary. I dread to contemplate the audience I've been unwittingly capturing.
Aha, Nik explains that you can stop roll-over pop-up things vanishing after a few seconds, by continually moving your mouse from side to side within the link text. Life mirroring the Heart of Gold's sub-etha radio. Three cheers. My curriculum vitae has been updated and uploaded, if anyone feels like employing me. Stodgy Word-format version for slathering recruitment agencies to follow.
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