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Elegantly simplistic nonsense; Bod crosses to the dark side and Here Comes Darth. [via LinkMachineGo]
"The project I'm working on now is the most expensive one I've ever done and it involves Armageddon, the Apocalypse, the four horsemen, heaven, hell, demons..."
Terry Gilliam is On the Ropes this Tuesday, the quote above being, I warily assume, about nothing less than Good Omens. I'd always dismissed the rumours as being lazily-considered drivel, Gilliam the only director an unimaginative Pratchett fan might know of, but this sheds new and intriguing lights. (Maybe it's commoner knowledge than I realised, though, prodding at an Internet.)
Brass Eye returns for repeats on Channel Four this Thursday, along with a completely new edition to kick the lot off. Crikey.
I enjoy the checklists on the sides of food packaging - not bullet-points but jauntily ticked tick-boxes, boldly implying the existence of some Platonic industry-standard cornflake which the ones you've bought happen to match every important aspect of. That "ideal for lunchboxes" is part of their rigorous quality control procedure. Pale green fluid is sluiced from the glass-fronted birthpod of Upsideclone, androgynous-sibling site to the mighty Upsideclown, a muster point for the thoughts and writings of its readership. A little arbitrary deadline pressure and suspicions of an audience seems to have been just what my creative-writing neurons were waiting for. Bravo.
YahooGroups "make sure that we continue to provide the Internet's best email groups to our users" by completely purging any group that's been quiet for ninety days, albeit with thirty days' warning. Thumbed noses to those of us who chose eGroups because of the permanent archive of long-dead conversation, to anyone who dared assume that a permanent link to a mailing-list message was a reasonable thing to do. Oh well. Time to do some serious wgetting, I suppose.
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