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22.07.01 "The fiber cut is located about 7 miles out in a swamp and they have had trouble getting to the problem to fix it. They estimate to begin the actual splicing at 12:00pm CST. But no indication of how long this will take." (subsidiary domain of the above): "Owned By NixLight of Latin Root"

*cough cough*

Odd flashback this morning - those Weetabix transfer things that you coloured in with pencils and popped into the oven (if you were a small, suitably-inclined child in the mid 1980s), creating a much smaller, thicker-plastic slab which could be fashioned into a keyring; whatever happened to the technology? Quietly sidelined for being a lethiferous carcinogen, or something?
Saw Shadow of the Vampire last night - a solemn and witty reflection on immortality, with Count Orlock emerging as the only character deserving of much sympathy or interest. Although it all got a bit disjointed and oddly-paced towards the end. Quite hard to take Eddie Izzard seriously as a silent-film-era over-acter with heavy eyeshadow, too. Let's all go camping in the forest of death and blood.
Heinz launch exciting new microwaveable baked beans, as if the things were somehow immune to radiation before today. Graagh.
Blackwell, who sponsors an Arctic fox at Chester Zoo, is unromantic about his idiosyncratic band. Asked if he enjoys what he does for a living, he's unequivocal: "Enjoy it? Good God, no! One lucrative return on the Fixed Odds and I'm off."
A mightily unexpected interview with Half Man Half Biscuit's heroic front-man Nigel Blackwell in the Guardian today, apropos the new mini-album.
Add my recommendation of Audiogalaxy to the hat. Its Web-based archive has an impressive list of every song every owned by any of its users, allowing you to mark obscurities for collection whenever they appear. Which works nicely with the stop-and-start download thing. Three cheers.
Mousetrap - I was playing it earlier - really is one of the most disappointingly boring board games imaginable, all the more so given the sheer potential of the theme. Absolutely no scope for decision-making, let alone strategy, as if such things don't matter to children. Feh. I can't ever remember playing Mousetrap properly, either, in my youth; we just faffed around with the machinery. It never seemed worth the effort of actually playing.
Astonishing at first glance, but ultimately just a laptop without a screen or a keyboard, a Walkman-sized lump of metal to be lost amid cables. It's Jadetech's easy-to-steal MicroPC XP-933.
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