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Right, I'm off to Dorset for a week, anyway. You can stop reloading now. Genius; MST3K lives on, in the form of live image-capturing from the Sci-Fi Channel which visitors can submit amusing captions for. [via Tyrethali]
Blue Jam Live at some Camden venue or other, from next Tuesday 'til the end of the month. Whether it's that live performance thing or someone just playing bits of the radio series to a roomful of people, though, I've no idea.
More IF satire - Guess the Verb mocks verb obscurity, plot crowbarring and genre clichés as you trek around five segments of other adventures. Sharply written stuff, with a maddening amount of amusing responses to things. IF-A-Minute - ultra-brief summaries of a few text adventures. And Rogue, for some reason.
Ah, the furtive perusal of the newsagent's rack, waiting for the queue to disperse before taking my purchase to the counter, avoiding the cashier's eye, furling the publication into anonymity as I shuffle off home. Yes, I bought the Daily Mail earlier. Please forgive me.

"JAIL TRADE IN SICK TV SHOW", you see. Convicted child abusers might have watched Brass Eye, and could even have - the Mail is keen to suggest - gotten "gratification" from it. An article written with a horrific salaciousness, full of subtly twisted descriptions designed to outrage its readers and which, when you compare the "poor innocent child actor" bits to reality, actually highlight how carefully the programme was shot. Graagh.

The worst thing of all, though, is that they filled an entire page with a sketch-by-sketch quote-heavy description of the show "just to show how disgusting it was" - undoubtedly written by an intelligent writer feigning outrage and sniggering, as so much of the Mail must surely be. Yet huge swathes of middle England take it at dead-serious face-value. Poison.

Bah. A few pages later we get a quarter-page cartoon of a pensioner who had a hip replacement done in Germany to avoid NHS waiting lists, and was involuntarily goose-stepping as a result. And there's more stupid media hypocrisy here. I'll shut up now before I devolve into incoherent rage.

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