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(pause) "Monkey Tennis Dvorak?" Dear Google learns to speak l33t: "534RCH3D 3|\|g1i5h p4G3z pH0r l33t . R35UL7Z 1 - 10 0F 4B0U7 39,000. 534RC|-| t00K 0.18 53C0NdZ."
Some bored BBC journalist compares various means of transport by arbitrary cost per mile. Concorde beats space rocket beats Tube train. And it's arguably cheaper to buy a second-hand car and abandon it than to catch a train from London to Newcastle. Conclusion: walk everywhere.
Absolutely Productions revamp their Web page again, this time including the beginnings of a vid-e-o archive. First up is a sketch from the original Absolutely pilot, back in 1989. Good, but a proper video release or repeat is long, long overdue. The Independent profiles Johnny Vegas, in all his larger-than-life alcohol-tinged bathos. [via LinkMachineGo]
Aha - a copy of the new "now a major film" cover for K-PAX, with Kevin Spacey in prot's dark glasses. I'm beginning to be convinced. Ah, gateside disinfectant buckets, roadsigns marked in quarter-miles, identikit pub food, omnipresent sand, early breakfasts and a slapdash barcode of sunshine and rain. A good holiday. But hello again, world.
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