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Archive search. You never know.

Photos of ghost stations on the London Underground, at various points in their existences. A tremendous sense of age to it all, of growth and decay. And a tsk to Riana's comments of subway genericity. [via Nik]
Aha. Julian Gollop is alive and well and working on Laser Squad: Nemesis, a proper email-based reincarnation of the classic turn-based tactical firefight. quotes and summarises the situation rather efficiently. Tyrethali mentions the unknown game AI test - two AIs passing arbitrary symbols back and forth through a black-box 'board', being informed only of scores. All rather Mornington Crescent. I wonder how well a human would fare, though, if he or she could play quickly enough...
A variety of unreliable public transports carried Nik and I to the 2001 International Invitational Mornington Crescent Pilgrimage yesterday. Further attaching of decent, proper human beings to vague, abstract perceptions, and remembering how much I hate pubs and London and London pubs. Enjoyable delusions of a social life, though. And I happened to walk past Hotblack Desiato in Camden, which amused.

Mm, also found some time for Before I Kill You Mister Bond, Give Me The Brain and Kill Doctor Lucky against the angryblogger. Good stuff.

This sounds like a rather weak hoax, but people seem to be taking it seriously - The DNA Copyright Institute will, for a thousand pounds, copyright your genetic code against unscrupulous cloning. Because, in The Future, people will be far more keen to surreptitiously clone celebrities and athletes than to have their own children.

Somewhat sinisterly, the DNACI is sketchy as to what happens if they do find a child walking around with your DNA. Crossfire lawsuits, with a firing squad for the kiddie if the adoptive parents can't pay up? Or just a share of the child's earnings from the inevitable retro clone-a-like industry?

Another sadly misleading headline: FIGHTING ZOMBIE MACHINES. Ah yes, I enjoyed EVIL DRUG DEALERS STALKING EVERY CHILD IN BRITAIN as well. You can imagine the dozens of not-quite-dramatic enough previous drafts, repeatedly rewritten until the headline had drifted far, far beyond objective sanity. [via Matt]
79 million of new CCTV cameras - the news has been littered with unsettling quotes about surveillance being more "popular" with today's public. Not good. Presumably the next step will be voluntary domestic cameras which have a 17-million-to-one chance of giving you money on a Saturday evening. And proud voter apathy getting us some insane far-right government in 2005, who'll have all sorts of fun with the surveillance toys we waved through. Or something.

But there are, I feel, better ways to deal with the collapse of society than to film it and point at it afterwards. CCTV seems an arbitrarily selfish approach - "How can I make people less likely to steal my car when I go into town?" - the problem just getting pushed to wherever they can't afford to put cameras up. It doesn't impact the base levels of criminally desperate need, or of human nastiness. have lucid things to say about this.

Damning proof that NASA faked their distant blue moon landing. [via LinkMachineGo]
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