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Alas, the rapture story quoted by Smallweed this morning is, in fact, satire. From a site which also contains things like Dashboard Jesus Kills Ohio Teen. The Shakespeare Programming Language, code being represented as dialogue between 'variables'. Fun, but not as much as Rube II (which uses source code like this).
"Crumple zones, pop-up bonnets, exterior airbags - an increasing amount of a car's value was being dedicated to minimising pedestrian injury, to benefitting an individual who had contributed nothing towards the purchase of the vehicle."
I seem to be this week's Upsideclone, again. I'll have no stem cells left, at this rate.
A particularly mighty online journal of Dickon Edwards, late of Orlando, currently of Fosca. [via qwertyuiop] No blog entries yesterday. I had the wrong pie.
Quietly amusing stuff on the telly from Armando Iannucci, there. Not as strange and flowing as his other things, but superb insecurity. I fear the hidden messages in pies thing will be littering quiet moments in my conversations for many months to come. Hurrah, I've finally gotten around to making a Dvorak card game of Paranoia. And it actually captures the spirit of the RPG rather nicely - much convoluted plotting and planning to get your fellow Troubleshooters terminated in interesting ways. Six times. Fun.
Wound & Incontinence Sales Specialist - I struggle to imagine a career more disturbing. "Good morning, sir, I'm calling from your local hospital. I wonder if we could interest you in a stabbing?" The official K-PAX film site has been updated to include a trailer clip. Rather too much of an air of American feelgood drivel about it, but I suppose it's only a trailer. Hopefully prot's bored, amused cynicism towards our planet hasn't been replaced with wonderment at how great America is, or anything. [via Matt]
"Using a complex and detailed economic theorem, coupled with a study of all available historic data and projections, this report shows that there is a statistically significant chance that the total number of living macro-organisms living on the planet has been constant throughout history as long as records began. Is this simply a Mammoth Coincidence, or is this actual solid evidence towards the reincarnation theories?"
Paragraphs that overlay alternative perceptions of the world, or implant an image so striking that you know it's going to be around in your head for the next ten or twenty years - short fiction is good, Upsideclown is king.
Weirdity; after being drawn to the name of Things in Herds at, and taking quite thoroughly to their music, it turns out they're playing in Brighton tonight. And again next month at the lovely Concorde 2. Must attend.
Hm, Carfax's Born Yesterday is the one that appeared as a Devant B-side. Odd. It's quite excellent, anyway. Listen or download. 22-year old man dies from heart failure whilst playing Half-Life in an Internet café arcade. Possibly with the help of amphetamine-laced refreshments. Very shady. [via Raak@MCiOS]
Another cheery problem with Bush's missile defence nonsense; where will the intercepted missiles land? Quite probably Europe, or another part of America. They really should just build a doomsday device and have done with it.
I've just mail-ordered the Carfax album, very belatedly. Going To London is very infectious indeed. Hm, prodding an Internet, that Mr Benn film with John Hannah was shelved, in the end. I did wonder. Oh well.
Ech, three hours of the 100 Best Kids TV Shows - although better than endless student reminiscence for being able to actually show clips and interview people, far too much of it was drivelly rentaquote. Giving Chris Moyles copious airtime to bleat about Betty Rubble being sexy, then showing a whole fifteen seconds of Catweazel. With the continuity Theakston reading sneery guessable-punchline drivel all over it anyway. Good but bad. And no Ivor the Engine.
My Life Story live on, a bit. Jake Shillingford and Aaron Cahill have gone on to form Exile Inside, who are actively recording stuff in a computery sort of way - an MP3 exists. Equally intriguing to see Jake keeping a sort-of blog, and revealing his influences.
Hm, I've also ripped off Cheapass's The Big Idea - The Different Idea is rather simpler in its strategy, focusing more on the unbounded joy of random words. Glow-in-the-Dark Cigarettes and Chocolate-Flavoured Detergent ahoy. First draft of a Shaft of Light card game, Shaft of Light being the film I mentioned yesterday. It seems to play alright. It is bad to be late.
"Why have you stopped?"
  "The way is blocked."
"What is blocking the way?"
  "I do not know."
Mournful whispering robot drones in a rather fine bit of online animation. Faintly Oddworld in mood, actually. [via Tyre]
More buy-one-get-one-free blogging; from the same site as the previous is School Colors Out Of Space - a tentacle-in-cheek Cthulhian high-school RPG. A sysadmin variant of Give Me The Brain. Amusing. For what it's worth, I've subtly Dvorak'd the original game for online MUSH play - if any Friedey's staff fancy a shift or two, or if anyone else would care for the Brain-playing meme; nudge.
Although bordering heavily on lunatic paranoia, this guide to Subliminal Harassment in the Software Industry has a few worthy insights. Quite sharply relevant to the dying days of badly-run Internet companies, actually. "Cloning forces us to ask some hard questions. For example, which person, the original or the clone, gets to wear the goatee and be evil?"
Apropos his recent Channel Four programme on 'mind control', Derren Brown has put some videos and interactive bits up on a Channel Four site. Some sterling comment on - if he can subliminally trick us into thinking of a certain playing card - how easily the rest of consumer and government society can take advantage of lazy thinking and trick us into making particular decisions.
Musing on the unknown game thing, Rocks is a good example - a simple six-input Java game with connected internal gubbins which affect the score. Worth playing even if you're not a fledgling machine intelligence.

Elsewhere on the site; Deathmatch Pacman.

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