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The most interesting revelation from an enragingly poor-science documentary on great-ape intelligence the other night: Susan Blackmore possesses the "pink hair" meme.
A startlingly relevant point is raised in Robert Barr's 1906 story The Absent-Minded Coterie; imagine the power a present-day commercial interest could wield if it had access to frivolous online personality tests. How much a scam company would pay for the email addresses of ten thousand people who had answered "Yes" to the question "Do you consider yourself particularly gullible?". Or, for that matter, how interested the thought police might be in people who'd answered yes to (as part of a zanily innocuous "Which Volkswagen Beetle Are You?" test) "Are you sympathetic to terrorism?".

It's the "invisible data shadow" thing. I wonder how much The Spark think they know about me, and who might enjoy the information if they sold out or got haxx0red. With online tests being so virulent, setting up fake ones for black-ops marketing seems a very obvious thing to do. It's like the thing of the husband mocking up a win-some-money Cosmopolitan questionnaire for his wife, to be posted to a PO box he'd reserved, with one of the many questions being "Are you having an affair?"


It impresses me greatly that the people who write the headlines for the Ceefax news pages make the effort to reword everything to a neat 35-character sentence. It's almost haiku. Man pretends to have won eight million pounds on the lottery when he hasn't at all, and goes to prison. Frustratingly little detail about what he tried to get away with, and what exactly he's being imprisoned for, though.
Hm, maybe vegan wine isn't quite as absurd as I thought it was. But I do wonder how the more extreme vegetarians and vegans reconcile themselves to the impressive array of insect parts found and permitted in everyday non-corpse foodstuffs.
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