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Archive search. You never know.

Oh dear, it's started, with five hours of pretty-firework carpet-bombing currently underway in Afghanistan. Speaking as part of the collective will of the world, I hope they're using some mightily clever terrorist-seeking missiles. How on earth are the terrorists going to get out of this one, when they're all so easily distinguishable from civilians, when they've likely got access to far better intelligence and running-away equipment? Gah.

And opening fire the day before an American public holiday, so that their government buildings will be empty should anyone feel like retaliating, is extremely reassuring for people who live in other countries. God bless America, as the man says.

Conceptualist art in Antwerp; a series of pumps and glass retorts that take freshly-cooked food in at one end and - a few plastic tubes, heating elements and stomach acids later - extrude near-enough faecal matter. Also, by the same artist, a couple of tattooed pigs. Superb. [via Cardhouse]
Hm, Mark Thomas's thoughts on the issue of that 'terrorism' thing (he's currently touring), and a particularly good piece from Arundhati Roy on the "algebra of infinite justice", from the Grauniad the other week. "I'm Changing The Climate - Ask Me How"
"Finally, it becomes my turn. It seems I have waited for an eternity. I take my sheaf of papers, clip them to the clipboard, and sit. I stare in awe at the form. Two hundred sheets, in the tiniest of print."
The terrible truth about God's omniscience, fresh at Upsideclone.
The art of malevolent redundancy: a plastic bag saying two things, in every language imaginable; that it may suffocate children, and that I the consumer should retain the bag for future reference. No other information.
"The yellowing plexiglass covering the Chair is too wet to see through so after I've pushed my address card in I read the paper. It's the usual. Economic concerns. The price of brass is rising. The London Chair Authority are agitating for more pay, but to be honest the system could carry on indefinitely without them. The rails are iron and will last for decades yet, the Chairs just as solid."
Matt goes with the flow in a particularly magnificent Upsideclown. I hope the dark legions of London Underground privateers aren't reading.
The Foldover Game is picking up again, if anyone's been missing it particularly. Must automate game creation. Hm. The art of rhetorical questioning: a WH Smiths cashier asking if I'd like a free copy of the Daily Mail with my Private Eye.
Parallel plot strands being something that the "interactive" radio drama Wheel of Fortune used effectively the other week. Happily, you can listen to the whole thing online through an audio-streaming widget that lets you flip between streams when a segment finishes. From so far as I've dabbled, it seems to be the careful build-up of implication, the listener's inference giving context to vague snippets of dialogue, so much so as to make a coherently advanced plot. Very clever stuff.

But a red-and-green film would be much better, in terms of result. A hundred people streaming out into a cinema foyer; some crying, some laughing, and all of them incapable of conventional discussion - sheer probability decreeing that none of them had watched exactly the same story unfold.

And another idea insufficiently dystopian to work into a 'Clone, an idea I had when I was about six or seven - splitting a TV signal into two channels of choice, monochroming them and overlaying them on the same screen; one in red, one in green. Two headphoned viewers - one in red glasses, one in green - can then enjoy entirely different viewing whilst sharing a sofa.

Which is completely pointless, but now I see potential for clever-trousers arthouse nonsense. Two films, one soundtrack. Random foreign dialogue, captioned differently in each colour, with only intonation or sound effect cutting across both. White-on-black caption screens to give the audience the option of changing their glasses. If you want the happy ending, put your red pair on now.

An idea that occurred to me a few hours before the announcement of an entire T. S. Eliot poem on a stamp; posters advertising books (primarily on bus-stops or the Tube), but - in addition to title and author and the odd review quote - printing the first twenty pages or so. Drug the indecisive, snare the indifferent. The art of exaggeration: a man tinkering with the settings on the burglar alarm above his shop, thoughtfully selecting one of the five or six ear-piercing ringtones.
More or less everything by Kevan Davis.
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