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"Other similar cliques, less pretentious but equally destructive, would form and reform as time goes on - we call them all Mensas. The internet, sadly, made this effect far more pronounced, as mailing lists became an ideal forum for smugness feedback."
Raven doesn't just hate stupid people, at the Upsideclone. exists, with a bit of poetry and tour dates and a mug. Good things.
Some people have decided that November shall be National Novel Writing Month, in an actually-international sort of way. But they're not just encouraging people to start writing something during that month; they're demanding that they finish as well. 50,000 words before December. Speed and quantity over precision or quality. A fine way to convince yourself that you're physically capable of writing a full-length novel, even if it's awful. I might give it a go, just to see what my brain does. Hm. [via Life As It Happens]
It's good that science-fiction cover artists rarely bother to read the book they're covering. It means that when you see a twenty-foot Triffid picking up a man in trainers and eating him with big pointy teeth, you can safely ignore it, rather than fear that some plot's been given away.
There's a new video at the Absolutely site, and it's Calum. An enlightening history of the character, also.
The 7th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition is underway, with a terrifying twenty-nine megabytes of adventure to download for voting. If only I had a PenDrive.
Excellent letter in the Guardian from someone so enraged by a jingoistic tabloid headline that they bought the shop's entire stock of it and threw the lot away. I'd do the same if I had the money to burn; tearing up Daily Mails is gloriously therapeutic, from experience. Three cheers for left- and right-wing politics joining up somewhere at the back.
An extremely intriguing game from the Icehouse folk; falling somewhere between Mastermind and Blind Nomic, Zendo is a mightily elegant game of pattern recognition. And is quite playable with whatever rubbish you've got to hand, Bock-style. [via Raven]
"How does it feel to have won the Loebner Prize?"
    "Much the same as it would feel for you, except different."
It turns out that Alice walked away the Loebner Prize on Saturday, if anyone else was wondering. You can read papers, download gubbins and talk to her online at [via Bottomquark]
"There's no need to discuss innocence or guilt. We know he's guilty." And a lot of clunky angry-child talk about no negotiation. And outright rejection of the Taleban's offer to move towards a trial for Bin Laden, presumably because there's no such thing as a neutral country in Mr Bush's scary view of the world. Feh. I think we're still on for a tenth of November apocalypse.
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