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Some truly elegant Flash games at Orisinal; beautifully simple graphics and soothingly uncomplicated goals. Just the thing for a Friday. Bubble Bees and Among the Clouds are particularly lovely. [via Ole] "If a plane crashed into ... Sellafield, it has been calculated that it would release 44 times as much radioactivity as the Chernobyl disaster, and could cause more than 2m cancers."
"I'm told that my face appears on the Big Brother Eviction Channel, every so often; perhaps it's there now. Now that all the paedophiles and terrorists and asylum-seekers have gone, it's just the luck of the draw with random data profiling."
My nauseous distrust of referenda and my fears of consumer-approved corporate omniscience are given full reign at Upsideclone. Join us.
What's the thinking behind that dramatically shifting CGI-metal-bunker that the BBC's strategy reporter chap does his "here's what an aeroplane looks like" explanations from? Is it supposed to be anything? I keep expecting it to fire him out into the sky above Afghanistan at the end, or just crush him to a pulp. Oh for a later-scheduled Channel Four News.
Win a chance to meet Pulp, and get a couple of gig tickets, via some vague spam-looking competition. I'm not sure if I dare introduce my other half to Jarvis, though. America starts brewing up super-anthrax ostensibly for seeing how well its super-vaccines fare, a few months after rejecting proposals to tighten the UN stance on biological weapons. But there won't be "significant international outcry", because it's in the context of that "war against terrorism" thing, apparently. You can do anything you like if you say it's in self-defence.
"Trapped in my flat,
only my memories for company,
trapped in my flat,
hoping someone will come and rescue me."
Oh Mister RealPlayer, play me some Real. Vic and Bob MP3s. Good lord.
"My core belief is a simple one: that we should treat other people as we would wish to be treated ourselves. Let's call it, though others have doubtless formulated it in different ways, the Empathetic Principle. As far as I can see, this is the only basis for social organisation which is likely both to deliver the greatest good for the greatest number and to ensure that the greatest number does not tyrannise lesser numbers."
Human rights and the intricate interbalances of freedom, argued from first principles by George Monbiot, man of reason. The logic creaks a bit under the magnification of the individual - the weighting of freedoms is a shakily subjective thing, and human beings will always bias their empathy according to DNA and personal acquaintance anyway - but the bigger stuff is completely obvious and applaudable.

George also has a book out at the moment.

If you don't feel like writing 50,000 words by the end of November, you could just write the first 500 and submit them to the WH Smith Raw Talent competition. Five thousand quid first prize, with a writing course and editorial guidance as you write the rest of your novel. There are worse springboards.
I have tricked some people into giving me a job. Ssh. "Liberalism, of course, was dead of anthrax, but all the same you couldn't do things by force."
There's more Hegley in the BBC arts pages, with fine RealPlayer renditions of some poems that fit better on air than paper.
"Other similar cliques, less pretentious but equally destructive, would form and reform as time goes on - we call them all Mensas. The internet, sadly, made this effect far more pronounced, as mailing lists became an ideal forum for smugness feedback."
Raven doesn't just hate stupid people, at the Upsideclone. exists, with a bit of poetry and tour dates and a mug. Good things.
Some people have decided that November shall be National Novel Writing Month, in an actually-international sort of way. But they're not just encouraging people to start writing something during that month; they're demanding that they finish as well. 50,000 words before December. Speed and quantity over precision or quality. A fine way to convince yourself that you're physically capable of writing a full-length novel, even if it's awful. I might give it a go, just to see what my brain does. Hm. [via Life As It Happens]
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