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In response to mild public demanding and misunderstanding over the cut-and-paste listings nonsense that is TV Misguidance, a separate, spray-painted forum for straightforward televisual satire and humour has been unveiled - Other Listings Magazine.
"This military action is a part of our campaign against diplomacy, intelligence, freedom, clock, tyre, the freezing of food and a lot of dance. Good afternoon."
Bushwhacked, a masterful Morris/Iannucci-style resplicing of the words of the leader of the free world. I wonder if his genuine speeches are made in the same way. With twenty-one facial animation parameters. [via Digital Trickery]
"WAR IS PEACE. A reckless war that will likely bring about a deadly cycle of retaliation is being sold to us as the means to guarantee our safety. Meanwhile, we've been instructed to accept the permanent war as a fact of daily life. As the inevitable slaughter of innocents unfolds overseas, we are to 'live our lives and hug our children'."
America finally becomes Oceania, says an article highlighting the present situation's parallels with Orwell's 1984. That we've shifted so seamlessly from an initial "war on terrorism" (that's "war" in the sense of "war on drugs", kids) to an effectively proper war against a country (we've been using the word "war" for weeks, remember?) is thoroughly vile. [via Ole]
It's a sterling breakthrough for video-conferencing, but it's also horribly, unshakeably sinister; head-and-shoulder clips being mapped down to twenty-one "facial animation parameters", then reapplied to 3D models. Models of the original speaker, or - as the site demonstrates with Bill Clinton, a newsreader and some woman - of other people. [via Raak@MCiOS] A particularly good reason to update your weblog at least a few times every month.
"17.35 - The Magic Neighbours Mandy's sense of alienation worsens when dealing with her hallucinations of Larry Tufnell and Olympic boxing super-heavyweight champion penguin."
Cracking stuff in the pages of TV Misguidance, your easy-to-read ransom-note listings magazine. New and improved to be a bit more explanatory and welcoming, too. Dig out your Guardian Guide and join us.
"Sunbeam shine, frumpy girl eating trifle
Emile Zola wrote your personal bible
Le parslie de le bourgoisie
You'll be working class
In 19th century France."
A random Belle and Sebastian song generator. Superb.
A shiny Spirograph applet, with infinite ink and paper. One of those things that borders on the pointless when automated. Hasbro still make the things, though. Crikey. Foot and mouth - secret terrorist attack or practical joke gone horribly wrong? Private Eye could probably tell you.
The Brick Testament, proving conclusively that you can't crucify Lego people without breaking their arms first. [via Peace Dividend] Scour Force. That's what we need. Two or three overexaggerated BBC presenters bursting into a viewer's kitchen and cleaning the place spotless. Minimal budget, and nothing for the victim to burst into tears about, particularly. Far more useful than Diarmuid Gavin installing a DVD projector next to some sheet metal and pretending that it's a garden.
Stirred to a four-letter rage by that Dummy's Guide, I attacked the shared-kitchen sink of my flat last night. Reverse biological warfare. Scrubbing away months of mottled-white hard-water patterning, cleaning and filing the glasses that nobody drinks from, the garlic press that can't remember its purpose. Descending upon the never-emptied drainage rack and throwing away handfuls and handfuls of rusted, black-bubonic cutlery from the 20th century. Insane.

And my housemates aren't even mad inconsiderate bastards, it just seems to have become the norm to skim a knife and fork off of the top of the plate rack, to wash it and return it. Nobody seems that bothered by the black fungus growing silently but visibly beneath. Micro-communities within micro-communities. Smashed to the four winds by the wrath of the washing-up pixie. At least for another few months.

Three cheers for the box of ferrofluid at London's Science Museum, which you're allowed to muck about with, using magnets provided. Rippling hedgehogs of oily magnetite, falling and reforming as you drag the fields around. Hypnotic.

Other cheers for oddly anachronistic exhibits being run on ancient BBC Micros ("Today's date : FF:1:0FF"), talking earnestly about this new-fangled genetic modification thing. And huge swathes of the computing section becoming unintentionally historical as they've gathered dust in their brown-wallpapered cabinets over the past twenty years. Very surreal.

"Cleaning the Fucking Kitchen for Dummies" - I am the washing-up pixie. [via LMG] If you're with Virgin Mobile, know that they've been tracking your phone's location (and, by lazy inference, its owner's location) for the past couple of years. Vodafone admit to keeping the data for a while to assist the police, while BT Cellnet and Orange aren't commenting. Tracking devices with snazzy clip-on covers and catchy ringtones. Genius.
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