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Arcade games become surprisingly dull when you can insert imaginary coins at the press of an emulator button. But I bow to MAME for bringing me the frivolous Alien rip-off Xenophobe; a game I played once in a rainy seaside arcade, in my youth, and never found again. Comically fearsome ankle-huggers and acid-spitters in the same lizardly cartoon style as Rampage's mighty Lizzie. Modern arcade game characters seem thoroughly soulless in comparison.
The sport of scrawling something on a bit of paper and folding most of it over before handing it on actually has a proper name and history - 1920s surrealists called the results cadavres exquises and drew some pretty odd things. is the 21st century reincarnation of the basic artistic idea - eclectic artists producing communal jpegs, passing only a 15-pixel sliver to the next player. A simple idea, with some fantastic results. [via Tyre]

The flower-wielding peace protester Alina Lebedeva - labelled "mentally unstable" by Latvia's president - faces up to 15 years in prison after being charged with "endangering the health and life of a foreign dignitary". Cough. I suppose Prince Charles isn't allowed to comment or intervene, or anything. Photoshop Tennis is good, if a little heavy-handed at times. A Photoshop file goes back and forth between two people, layers and tweaks being added with each volley. Intimidatingly inspirational.
"Graffiti has been written; one word, one name, again and again. It's in the bulky, jagged style of graffiti everywhere - the sort that the eye of the twenty-first century has learned to filter out as background; the sort of thing a city wall is supposed to be covered with, popping up and spreading out with the quiet, nocturnal invisibility of rust or lichen."
It's me again at Upsideclone, waiting for the last bus.
Spaced Penguin, a trajectory-guessing Flash game with plenty of gravity and frustration. Must. Do. Work. [via Raven]
Aha, someone's finally done a UK version of Where's George - Doshtracker lets you feed in serial numbers from your pocket's banknotes to see where they've been, to let future generations know that you handled their money. Strange that there's no post-surrender "and here's where I spent it" option, though. [via Esc] An heroic bit of reading and audience chatter from the great Will Self last night, at what might well have been the book launch for his newest pile of paper, Feeding Frenzy. One of those rarish authors whose words fit perfectly into their voices, with or without the little gestures and expressions. They really should get some audio books sorted out. And put him on television more. And in charge of the country. And everything.
"Answers to those questions reveal themselves to Lustick as brightly colored blocks in a 50-by-50 square grid on a computer screen. [...] Some are bureaucrats, who are loyal to the government. Some are fundamentalists, who live in rural areas and aren't influenced by the government. Some are fanatics, who can influence other agents but cannot be influenced themselves."
Curiously abstract attempts to create a computer model of terrorism in a society, cellular-automata-style, along with some related virtual-soldier gubbins. Vaguely reminiscent of the AI thing that managed to outperform its opponents by cheerfully shooting its allies. [via LMG]
Zendo works rather well with handfuls of loose change, it turns out. Positioning, stacking, heads-or-tails, denomination, and all that. Getting up mid-game to buy a drink can be problematic, though. The Dead Media Project is an intriguing catalogue of abandoned and neglected communication technologies. A smell organ, a guided-missile mail service a pneumatic postal network, and all sorts of weirdness. Good, strange reading. [via Riana]
The Argus has some photos of the madness in Lewes, including Bin Laden on a giant toilet, on his way to be burned. A very odd thing to see going past your high-street window.
"This issue is highly important, especially in areas where bombs have been dropped. You should not forget and take additional care. Do not confuse the cylinder-shaped bomb with the rectangular food bag."
Ah, that whole undead-irony food-bombing thing - unexploded cluster bombs are the same inviting and reassuring colour as the aid drops. Cake or death?
Another year's worth of pent-up torch-waving insanity at Lewes Bonfire Night, yesterday. Guy Fawkes and a Pope burnt in giant effigy, next to this year's public enemy of choice; Mr Bin Laden with an American eagle clawing him in the back. I'm not sure how intentional it was that they burned the eagle as well.

And fireworks, huge and implausible fireworks. Frankenstein-mob torches and barrels of blazing wood and tar. Far too many people. I'm sure they must have dozens of horrible deaths every year, and just cover it up to keep the tourism going.

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