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the terrible secret / night takes king-prawn / love love dancing / confection The thing to the left is an exquisite corpse, but sprung in a day or three from the readier depths of our own selective collective consciousness. Entertaining exercise for the Photoshop muscles, the edges of the subconscious and
Visit Stop Esso to find out exactly where your nearest Esso garage is, and then not go there. Boycotting becomes rather more meaningful when you can see exactly how many others are bothering. I am the 12246th boycotter. They won't be selling me any, er, newspapers. [via Matt]
"The term 'terrorism' means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience."
"Influence an audience". Superb. A post-ironic definition of terrorism from the CIA.
With so many online comics forgetting to put a punchline at the end, these days (although Peanuts has been doing it forever), Spinnwebe is kind enough to provide some. [via Tyre]
Bless the ground you walk on with Shoes of the Fisherman sandals - each tread imprints the message JESUS LOVES YOU into a suitable underfoot surface. I want a pair that say STOP FOLLOWING ME. [via Cuckoo Kid] The Definitive Guide to Have I Got News For You is one of those Web sites with a downright unnerving effort-to-usefulness ratio - cataloguing and quoting the guests is all well and good, but when we get to a list of camera angles and other humourless minutiae, it all begins to implode horribly. Such is the Internet.
My soul has just been captured by a local news crew, myself and co-workers enjoying a fake meeting as background for some piece on local business. Horrifying. I'm the tired-looking one in black who didn't think to shave this morning. A new and graceful Flash game from Orisinal; become a fly-catching frog afflicted with Hydrophobia.
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