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Un autre cadavre; four bits of Photoshop and three probing mutant hands. Stop the collective consciousness, I want to get off. The Uncertain Organisation begins to fray into the quantum foam, sadly, for a variety of reasons. The domain name may or may not be rescued, but either way As Above will be shifting its drivel to the shameless over the weekend; the URL's just frame-forwarding for now, so feel free to update appropriate files and neurons. Or finally get around to deleting me.
I enjoy the insectoid perspective of traffic, of identical workers and drones weaving their way around the paths of the hive, communicating to one another with the merest of blinks and buzzes. Bright-orange repair drones staring each other down, one attending to the other, is a glorious image. Hmm. I did wonder about the inherent logical flaw of the "no purchase necessary; you can just write to us instead" clause of that win money when you buy stamps thing. But it turns out that it's Freepost.
It seems I've been blogging for an entire year, now. Crikey. I wonder when I'll get really bored of it? Rubbery wireframe X-ray voodoo puppetry, with knees that only bend the right way. Unsettling stress-relief. [via Peace Dividend]
Fantastic. Tibor Fischer's short-story collection Don't Read This Book If You're Stupid was retitled to something entirely innocuous for the American market.

Worth reading if you've not and you're not, anyway. The text of one of its most vivid and memorable pieces - Bookcruncher - is digestable online.

"On board sensor equipment determines whether a man on the ground is a stricken civilian starved by its own government or a marauding saracen. The missile then decides to deliver a 1000lb payload or a bag of stew."
Fresh, topical Morris in the first edition of Smokehammer. A randomly incoherent site structure (the grey sidebar story is an animated gif, so pay attention), but it's a good enough line of the man's cynical absurdism. [via Cook'd and Bomb'd]
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