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More stupid what-thing-are you verification, with a simple test that determines the animal or animals in you. Fine descriptions, though. I am one hundred per cent mole, and proud.
"Incorrect Safeway Magazine Information

Classic Oil and Vinegar Set - page 56, November 2001

This recipe has a printing error, which means that it does not comply with Safeway's safety standards. The heating temperature recommended for the garlic is too low to guarantee its safety when used in olive oil. Heating the garlic to a safe level would burn it and destroy the flavour. Safeway therefore warns customers NOT TO ATTEMPT TO MAKE THIS PRODUCT."

Their bold capitalisation. Such was the huge sticker on the free Safeway magazine yesterday; sufficient to intrigue me into picking it up. Secret terrorist instructions for logically impossible Christmas produce. More magazines should try this.
A dusty old anti-terrorism flyer from the FBI, warning the innocent public to be alert for those dangerous "lone individuals" and - ahem - "cyber penetration". The whole thing looks like a rather badly-photocopied Paranoia handout. [via Raven] Art by Elephants is actually rather good in places; far more interesting than mere human abstraction. If you're in London next weekend, there's an exhibition of it on the Sunday. [via Raak@MCiOS]
The Google Zeitgeist shows increasingly popular search terms, versus those that we're getting bored with. Palpable exhalation of a yawning nation turning its back, for transient interests such as "meteor shower" and "charlotte coleman". All quite sad, really. [via Tyre]
"Occasionally I will get a mutation, a candy that is misshapen, or pointier, or flatter than the rest. Almost invariably this proves to be a weakness, but on very rare occasions it gives the candy extra strength. In this way, the species continues to adapt to its environment."
Fitting that this piece on M&M evolutionary pressure has itself been cloned and mutated around the Internet's humour lists, for at least five years. [via Ole]
I've only just gotten around to playing it, but Rumble is a thoroughly good game. The skeleton of a simple bidding and outguessing thing, draped with the flexibility and latex frivolity of player-improvised super-powers. Fitting outlandish ideas into the context and language of a simple game structure. "Green Gas Bombs - Use this power no more than three times per game. Add 50 to your Defence." Etc. Quality brain exercise-o-tainment. Inspirational; a colour harmony suggester that takes an RGB value of your choice and waves appropriate swatches at you for consideration. [via plasticbag]
Fantastic Journey Through Candlelit Twisted Bodies of Water; more exquisite corpsing. Huge fish and other large underwater creatures really unsettle me, on some murky primaeval level. Still in the process of shifting from This URL has now become the real one, for what few imaginable intents and purposes there are. The brainchildren will be shuffled elsewhere in due course. Dvorak to Watch some other space.
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