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M Night Shyamalan is apparently working on a film about crop circles, at the moment, intriguingly. While on a vaster and less mysterious scale, some Australian finished a four-million square metre portrait out in the Mundi Mundi Plains, this week. Behold a new, bleached-tile morgue for the ever-mounting piles of Exquisite Corpses. And an archive of super-powers for the game of Rumble. Busy busy busy.
Segway. Segue. A very, very slow one. I've a suspicion that these sorts of things will only ever work properly in a peaceful, beramped utopia, or in Portmeirion. That these wheeled Zimmer-frames will only get the chance to revolutionise inner-city transport if there's absolutely no private ownership of them, if people simply abandon them outside cafés and libraries and shops, and pick up new ones when they leave. Or if their user-ident system is rigged with highly localised explosives. Both fairly unlikely, as society stands.

The Segway site gushes a bit of smoke and mirror about the things being quicker than walking, but those fin-de-siecle metal scooters were quicker than walking, and I don't remember them conquering the world, particularly. And they were cheaper and far more portable than this lawnmower-of-the-Daleks, whilst only looking marginally more stupid. All kudos for industrial niche applications and sheer billionaire gimmickry, but ech. I'll stick with my variable-speed intuitive-control hijack-proof legs for now.

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