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Also on the Today site, an audio archive of Saturday essays from Mr William Self. Hm, some endearingly poor Today programme analysis of Smokehammer, culminating in the revelation that Morris and Iannucci are "behind" it, whatever that might mean. The Flash advert for bar-911 is notably Morrisean, though. Hm.
"There was a boy down my road who used to kill cats. His family had lots of cats and whenever one brought a bird into the house or started mewling in the middle of the night or did one of a hundred things that cats do because they're cats then his father would bring his hammer out of the tool shed and whack the cat with it until it was dead."
Cats are just for Christmas, at the Upsideclone.
Staring blankly at the ten o'clock news the other night, for unspecified sins, it became more and more obvious that Stephen Sackur is little more than a cleverly-latexed Chris Morris character. The arbitrarily harsh voice, the neck movements of Ted Maul, the phrases like "put out to pasture like an old carthorse". More please. I think.

Tangentially, there's a new Smokehammer to be had, and it's rubbish. Confused metatags suggest that it's by nobody, after all. Pity, really; Morris does well on an Internet.

All I Want For Christmas is an HMHB T-shirt. The Half Man Half Biscuit merchandise catalogue is now properly online, and everything. Still no pictures, though.
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