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The last day of the past. "2000" was printed on too many party hats for it to mean anything, 2001 has always been more of a dramatic science-fiction cliché than a proper year - 2002 will be the real future, whether or not the world changed forever a couple of months ago. Driving along a bypass, electric lights dotting lines around a floodlit Lewes castle, I feel myself as vague figure in the imaginations of the dead, and for the first time I am genuinely, powerfully aware of myself as a person from The Future.

And funny clothes and electronic gewgaws aside, it's all just guilt, a horrible, yawning, apologetic guilt towards everyone whose footprints we're crossing, whose predictions we're stepping through. I feel the slight weight of those reading these words tomorrow or next week or next December, and wonder dimly what we'll have done to the world by then.

And I'm off to drink things. Have a new year, everyone.

A fine Christmas spirit quiz at the Grauniad. I am, as I suspected all along, deeply ambivalent about the whole thing. Some computer-generated jokes have scored passably in the LaughLab thing. I'm not sure how well this bodes for the Christmas cracker joke industry. Or if the Christmas cracker joke industry even exists.
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