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Not content with merely smoking a cigar in the trailers, Will Self is apparently the new captain for Team A, in Shooting Stars. How unimaginably odd; simultaneously very right and very, very wrong. Also from the site, Johnny Vegas doing a passable Churchill impression, aided greatly by a foggy RealPlayer.
Not as good as it sounds - a robotic scarecrow that isn't really a proper scarecrow, and probably doesn't even scare crows. So far as 21st-century bird alarming goes, my money's on Mike Barfield's "Headline News: Cawing Linked To Cancer" cartoon. [via Peace Dividend] Disappointing return of the Big Train last night. Maybe I'm remembering the last series as being better than it was simply for having Heap and Eldon in it, but it all seemed rather back-of-fag-packet Jam Lite, with barely any meaning to anything. Tsk.
"It's a flaw or something, a mutation, like being albino, but there's an extra thing in my eyes that lets me see another colour, and in this colour I see the people, the people who make coincidences happen."
Matt sees through it all, at the Clown. There's no escape.
Raven makes the febrile observation that all acronyms containing the letter 'A' become hilarious if that letter is taken to represent 'ass'. The Acronym Liar has been developed to aid further research.
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