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"This piece inset whether you weed it or lie" or "Be sincere whether you mean it or not"? Watching foreign music fans trying to transcribe the lyrics of the bands of Northern England is a magnificent and stupefying thing. Although nothing quite trumps Half Man Half Biscuit through the ears of an American. The All Your Base card game is now easily printable. With pictures and everything. From the animation. And a mere twelvemonth behind the zeitgeist, too. Watch out.
Has my attention failed me, or are we still waiting for the Rebus drama that was postponed for being a bit terroristy, last September? (Unexpectedly-topical television programmes being far more upsetting and tasteless than sudden, unannounced shots of a building killing thousands of people, in every single news item and documentary trailer for a month. Or something.)

Either way, the production crew apparently got into trouble for spraying swastika graffiti on a youth centre, the coverage half-implying they were just going to leave it there, that the residents were having trouble with that reality/fiction barrier. Mysterious.

Plenty of odd statistic about evilly-targetted mobile phone theft, recently, ITV news getting worked up about it before giving the puzzlingly-chosen example of a twelve-year-old being mugged for "all his money", and deciding to offer his mobile in addition. I daresay there's been a huge leap in Euro-related robberies since January the first. Something Must Be Done.

ITV news - entertainingly depressing without bothering to try and be taken seriously; without, crucially, Michael Buerke. That Earth-nearly-hit-by-asteroid news was illustrated in their opening summary with an uncredit clip from One Of Those Asteroid Films, a massive chunk of rock skimming a mile or two above an ocean, tidal waves dragging out behind it.

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