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"The apartment is crammed full of CDs, books, DVDs, toys, Lego, games, several cars, microscooters, and other shiny appliances. A TIGER lolls on a rug."

"Sometimes they talk amongst themselves, sometimes you talk to them, but nothing ever really comes of that. You search carefully, but there are no doors. No exits or entrances or anything. Just the room."

Clone clone clone. I've been lax. A word from our sponsors in the Twisted World of Advertising, and what could easily be the output of the most frustrating text adventure in the world, Mystery. Fill your brain.
In 1967, sociologist Stanley Milgram sent packages to a few hundred people at random, each being labelled with a specified target recipient - the receivers of the package were asked to forward it to anyone they knew who was "more likely to know" the target, and so on until it got there. Surprisingly it took just six steps, on average.

It's being tried with email, now, sending a message out to volunteer victims and seeing how many jumps it'll take from address book to address book. First impressions are that it's going to take less steps, electronically, but it really depends how isolated and obscure the targets are - greater connectivity seems as likely to tangle the path into loops as to cut it straight to a destination, after all.

Intriguing stuff. And a very tempting model for a postal network; "Here, this parcel's for Algernon Other, a bike-shop owner from Wales. Pass it on to anyone who's more likely to know him, would you?"

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