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"If you have one eye on what you're doing, and one eye on where it's going to get you, you're fucked. Because it means you are not dedicating yourself to that. And that is what you should do. This is what you should love. This is what you should focus on. This. This. Only this."
A revelatory Kevin Spacey interview, in the Guardian. K-PAX opens in the UK on April the 12th.
I've been pre-empted - I was going to try starting an Inform variant of the Hours of Verge contest, but SpeedIF has apparently been running for years. Silly surrealité aside, it's got some fine ideas and intriguing titles. Not to mention a dab of eerie prescience.
"They've cloned a sheep, a pig and some other things probably like the zoobra (a cross between a cage and a melon holder) and possibly the koagula (a small tree dwelling teddy bear useful in stopping blood flow)."
A new, deranged voice of reason at the Upsideclone, urging society to Send in the Clones.
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