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Not only do people claim that intercessory prayer works, but that it works retroactively - half of a group of test patients were prayed for, and they fared slightly better than the half that God ignored. They were prayed for six years after the results were taken and secretly shuffled.

Pray now for the other half, and destroy the universe. [via Matt]

Graffiti I want to see: a dead-grey railway-side junction box sprayed to resemble a Coca-Cola vending machine.
On further reflection, SpeedIF is all well and good, but it seems to require being on a particular MUD during two particular hours which fall long after midnight, for those of us in un-American timezones. So 24 Hours of Inform is going ahead after all, kicking off at 10am (GMT) on the 27th of February, unless everyone complains that another day would be better. We've got three definite contestants and another potential, at the time of writing - if you're at all interested, speak up.
"I found myself noticing potential places all the time, and keeping a small notebook of where they were (loose floorboard in pub loo, slotted in reference section book of public library, under potted plant in lobby of hotel, park bench overlooking the Serpentine) so that I would not be stuck for the next time it was my turn."
A magnificent new Clown - Drop Dead Letters. The overlapping of secrets is always a terrible and dangerous thing.
I've realised just why the public reaction to the uncremated dead in Georgia has felt so strange - the whole thing is a ludicrously heavy-handed metaphor for the inexistence of an afterlife. Blind faith that the dead are going where you've been told they're going.

It also seems that a fake cremation service is a very easy way to freely stockpile valuable, delicious or occultly-significant organs, without any bothersome investigation by local authorities, provided that you remember to cremate the remains. I daresay the American government are covering up plans and test runs for a cremation-franchise undead army as we speak.

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