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"And finally your luck-pushing supplementary question. Where did I get the inspiration? Dunno. Nice of you to suggest there was some though."
Good lord; Star Cops dot com. All the self-important teenage analysis and general minutiae you could possibly stomach. "The BBC told me they have no plans to rerelease the videos, but if enough people expressed an interest then maybe this could be changed." You know the drill. [via Dan]
"It is a Community that Welcomes All who wish to Learn, Explore, have Fun, and Enjoy themselves! It is a Place where people can let their Hearts and Souls fly, and let their Imaginations Soar! Enter the Castle and Explore the Web's Most Intelligent and Friendly Alternate Reality! (Enchanting smile and gaze)"
Distressingly, Johnny Vegas wasn't improvising his confessional rant about Internet chatrooms, on Room 101 last week - Beauty's Castle actually exists, in all its emoted-smile coy-fetishism horror. I fear he broke rule nine.
Romero's gorily dull Day of the Dead was actually a lower-budget reworking of an earlier screenplay, set further into the future with the undead successfully domesticated as a private army. The script still features Bub the zombie, although he's nowhere near as intriguing - the most impressive thing about the final film is that he emerges as the most sympathetic and meaningful character, far more so than the shallow and annoying humans. Easy to avoid bad dialogue when you can only groan. Superbly, money can buy you a figurine of Bub for your mantelpiece.

There was a Dawn of the Dead board game in 1978 - it's no longer available, but someone's scanned in the shopping-mall board and the unpunched counters for posterity. Looks fairly entertaining, in an overwhelming-surfeit-of-tokens sort of way. Nice rules for glass doors, and automatically-shambling zombies.

A fine and fast-paced game of potion-brewing, from the Dvorak stable: Eye of Frog. Print it out here. Jesus posters at train stations, and nowhere else; a shame there's no counter-campaign from the Devil. SMS a sliver of your soul to this occultly-significant number, and we'll see what we can do about your train.
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