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 Saturday  the Sixteenth of March, 2002
"I can't remember which day it was: it was one of those ones that happened in 1987, I can't remember which exactly, there were so many. In particular there were quite a lot of Tuesdays then, I remember, so I've a feeling it might have been one of those."
A bit of A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Wonderful stuff. [via Paul]
Just the sort of thing that the Internet is perfect for - MovieLens invites you to rate films that you've seen, then cross-references your tastes with everyone else so that it can offer unseen films that you might appreciate. Oddly inexhaustive (you have to email in IMDB references to get unlisted favourites added), and something of a shame that you're not allowed to glimpse the reasoning beneath its proclamations, however hazy, but it's an applaudable source of inspiration and guidance; well worth feeding and reading.

It's top recommendation for me: A Clockwork Orange, a video which has been sitting in a cupboard here for too long. Buy that script a drink.

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