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 Saturday  the Twenty-Third of March, 2002
Seventy-eight London police officers in full body armour managed to raid an unsuspecting pub by sneaking up in a double-decker bus. Fantastic.

 Friday  the Twenty-Second of March, 2002
A sly and ultimately humbling subversion of the IF genre in LASH, which sees you remotely controlling a post-apocalyptic salvage robot via suspiciously familiar "GO NORTH, OPEN DOOR" commands. What starts as an eerie but trivial new setting eventually coasts out into deeper and more allegorical waters (which it would spoil to give much away of, but there are some great game/dream metaphors in there, amongst other things). It all builds neatly towards a memorable endgame, and is skilfully written throughout, a lot of convincing research behind it. Interactive fiction at its most interactively fictional.
If you want your time capsule to last, forget stainless steel and concrete and reach straight for the cockroach DNA. Bien-pensant VR guru Jaron Lanier half-seriously proposes the encoding of newspaper archives into the insects' introns, breeding a vivid "eight cubic feet" of archival cockroaches to release around Manhattan. Cockroach scientists would be in for an uneasy surprise, twenty million years later. [via Tyre]

 Thursday  the Twenty-First of March, 2002
Trapdoors of the subconscious - before any of the artwork had even loaded in, I somehow recognised the cartoon puzzle epic Planetarium as being by the same geniuses responsible for The Concuspidor, the Alphabet for Geniuses, and origami as a martial art, none of which I've read for five or six years. Very, very good things, all of them. [via Zarba]

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