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 Friday  the Twenty-Ninth of March, 2002
In spite of its silly title, Slay is a rather elegant little empire-building game, claiming hexagonal territory and hedging opponents into starvation. The latest version supports network games, if you register it - beyond that advantage, you're better off with the older version 3.0, which runs a lot more smoothly.

 Tuesday  the Twenty-Sixth of March, 2002
Look, everyone, it's Spring Clean the Internet Week - not the old newbie-tripping April fool, but an earnestly humourless campaign urging people to delete all out-of-date information from their Web sites, in order to "make the Internet better". Don't try to update it, or comment on it, or timestamp it for clarity - just burn it, burn all of it.

Information is good, even bad information - it's far better to have too much of it than too little, particularly when we've got clever machines to help our brains sort through it. The assumption that nobody could possibly be interested in old or obsolete information, that "files you haven't updated" could never be anything more than a scandalous waste of precious, precious server space; it's all frustratingly misguided and na´ve.

I'd fly in its face by posting random pieces of my rubbish that have fallen off the Internet since 1994, but - having changed computers and lost a lot of floppy disks - can't seem to find anything. I suspect there's a moral in there somewhere. [via Nik]

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