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 Sunday  the Seventh of April, 2002
Pleasingly lo-fi stream-of-consciousness browsing from another dimension, at [via Zarba]

 Friday  the Fifth of April, 2002
"I told a few people about it. Some of them thought I was pulling their legs. Some of them believed me, but didn't really see what was wrong. "It's not like they're telling you to buy stuff. Just to not steal it." And so on. It started popping up in other places."
Tyrethali hears things at the UpsideClone.
More absurd newsless media - flipping on GMTV to see Eamonn Holmes giving the camera a very sober and serious look. "For those of you just waking up, we've got the latest news of the military..." Oh dear, what's happening? Incursions in Ramallah? Build-up in Afghanistan? "...ceremonies in remembrance of the Queen Mother..."

 Wednesday  the Third of April, 2002
Advantage of catfood being so vile: cat vomit seeming only slightly worse in comparison.
Internet Spring-Cleaning Week is over, and the mad anti-history lobby still claim, elsewhere on their tiny site, to be campaigning against Xoom. Alert the Ministry of Truth.
An absurdly self-parodying headline on the front of the Daily Mail this morning - "War in Middle East" as a tiny subheading, above the main news of a connected threat of a 5p INCREASE ON PETROL PRICES. On other pages, Matt attacks Mail writers and 11-year-olds.

 Monday  the First of April, 2002
"In addition to escaping the jubilee (Letters, March 29), I am hoping to be away somewhere remote when the Queen Mother dies. But it's not something one can plan in advance..."
A very sinisterly-ellipsised letter from the pages of Saturday's Grauniad.

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