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 Friday  the Nineteenth of April, 2002
"You are alive.
You are quite poisoned."
Probably not an intentional Harry Hill reference at all, but there we are. I'm playing Crawl again, under a hail of poisoned needles. It was never like this in my day.
Strange to see film reviewers suffering so much forehead-clutching confusion and rage over the ambiguity of film-of-the-book K-PAX, but just as strange that the dramatic simplification of the story didn't think to include the straightforward tickbox epilogue from the end of the book, or point to Maria more. The whole thing had a slight air of randomness to its editing.

But it's good, all the same - Kevin Spacey fits well as the prot-agonist, despite playing him rather less flippantly than the book does, and Jeff Bridges salvages the mushed apple-pie of the heavily-reworked 'Gene' character. Some of the imagery is a bit heavy-handed, but the majority is nicely done, expanding and quietly improving upon the stuff of the original.

The book is better, though - far more initial interrogation about the utopian lifestyle of prot's homeworld (which is half of the book's greatness), and a lot more detail in the background. That's books for you. K-PAX III - the "worlds of prot" - is out on July the 8th.

 Wednesday  the Seventeenth of April, 2002
"Now, can you strip down to your underpants?"
  "Oh yes."
"Excellent, you don't have any problems undressing, then?"
  "I don't have any problems undressing now."
An odd handful of vido clips and other things, from the legendary Absolutely.
Hm, still not dead. Go and amuse yourself with some mini golf or something, if you haven't already. [via Nik]

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