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 Saturday  the Twenty-Seventh of April, 2002
Thoroughly rattling, the whole Le Pen thing - hopefully the voter apathy aspect will be an effective enough lesson for the blankly proud "protest abstainers" I was bludgeoning last year, but someone really ought to sort out a fairer voting system with such an (importantly, for my money) fragmented left. Democracy still scares me more than it reassures me.
Four fairly random sentences about Cheapass games:-
  • It's mystifying that Kill Doctor Lucky doesn't have a rule for making ranged attacks (within line-of-sight, so long as no opponents can see your pawn) with the Revolver and the Cannon.
  • Miniature solitaire cards are very handy indeed for Spree.
  • There was a secret second version of Before I Kill You Mr Bond with game-balancing 'bomb' cards.
  • The Mr Bond picture - appearing on every single card as well as the box-front - has a possibly-intentional ambiguity in the trouser area.

 Friday  the Twenty-Sixth of April, 2002
Further virulent infection of the Zendo meme yesterday, including a particularly workable dice variant (with a handful of red, black and white six-sideds). Good things.

 Tuesday  the Twenty-Third of April, 2002
"If everything just evolved, then everything is at the whim of the most powerful, and there is no Maker to whom to be answerable. Hence Stalin's belief that killing millions of people was no worse than mowing your lawn (grass is our cousin in evolutionary doctrine)."
I am the Mechanical Sheep, the God of the Lawn Grass, the Electric Reaper. Bringer of death, bringer of regrowth. The whirring blades sharply indistinguishable from millennia of teeth, the raking a fake sleight-of-hand digestion. I lie back on the grass, and breathe it all in, feel the chlorophyll drinking in the sunshine, close my eyes and gaze into microscopic details. Truth plus symbolism, on a sunny April afternoon - it doesn't get much better than this.

 Monday  the Twenty-Second of April, 2002
Was strafed with five inescapable minutes of Jim Davidson's Generation Game whilst waiting for a curry, at the weekend. Thoroughly surreal that prime-time Saturday viewing is getting more and more juvenile (Jim goofishly pretends to play instruments, but is actually miming badly to a recording; cue hysterical audience laughter) while Saturday morning kids' telly aims itself more and more ruthlessly at the ironic student percentile. The Earth must be poised to flip about its axis and reverse the flow of time, or something.

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