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 Saturday  the Fourth of May, 2002
Behold a gimmick: randomly-selected links from the year and a half that As Above has been noting my transient online interests. As much for my own use as anyone's.
An impressive photomosaic picture of Christ, made from fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Something of a metaphor for religion itself, there.

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 Thursday  the Second of May, 2002
Mobile spam evolution - another text message (slightly mutated for extra ambiguity and money) telling me of a secret admirer whose identity I can discover for the price of a four-minute phonecall, at 1.50 per minute. Presumably I have to spend these four minutes giving them the phone numbers of people I think it might be, people with active mobile phone numbers who can receive spam about secret admirers, before an automatic spam engine breaks in and confesses its undying electronic love for me and my calling credit.

I can see this getting worse and worse. And the only way to filter messages from strangers being to upgrade to a new phone model. Or throw your phone away. It's getting nearer that time.

 Tuesday  the Thirtieth of April, 2002
Some Internet radio station apparently has an hour's worth of interview with HMHB's Nigel Blackwell lying around. A pity there's no transcript, but I suppose we have to move with the times.

 Monday  the Twenty-Ninth of April, 2002
Ninety percent of zombie related fatalities occur in the home. I think they've been watching different films to me, but you can still get a zombie warning system and peace of mind for just $39.95. [via Adam]
"Feh. I say, individually tailor the execution to each specific instance."
Tyre plays the spoons at Upsideclone. Not sure if the suspiciously-similar voices are intentionally so. Bonus ambiguity points.
An Insoluble Question, a brief Flann O'Brien story. Whether the unexamined beard is worth bearing. [via Blue Ruin]
"It's not suicide, it's murder." - in a ridiculous leap of redundancy, suicide bombers have been half-seriously rebranded as homicide bombers by the American presidency/media, for the comforting benefit of any stupid Americans who are unable to listen to the rest of the headlines for context, or are unsure whether the news refers to premeditated quarrying accidents, or something. Is the word "bomber" really that confusing and ambiguous?

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