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 Saturday  the Eleventh of May, 2002
The hazy nostalgic things that turn up so completely and improbably on the Internet: a scanned-in Citadel Miniatures catalogue from 1989, along with an archive of everything else they ever did. Warhammer 40k now having undead robots is, I fear, almost enough to coax me back...
Zombie Sims. I really should go back and finish engineering my Triffids.
Freshly frenetic son-et-lumière gaming from Jeff Minter, in the form of Hover Bovver 2 : Grand Theft Flymo - a remake of the 1983 original with shinier everything and extra gubbins. Fed up of the belly of the software-industry behemoth, the man is back to producing off-the-cuff shareware amusements. And keeping a development blog. All power to him.

This means I can now put "nagging compulsion to run over flowers whilst mowing" next to "perceiving side-facing alpaca herds as some form of Jeff Minter game", in the depths of my subconsciousness.

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 Friday  the Tenth of May, 2002
Aha, Tony Hawks does get a lot of email from bogglingly inattentive Tony Hawk fans. I wonder if he can make a facetious travel book out of it.
Rik Mayall "dresses up as Adolf Hitler to tell a Nuremburg-style rally that the euro is inevitable" in a rather grim-sounding anti-euro comedy advert. Bring out the Izzard.
That American mailbox non-suicide-pipe-bomber confesses to trying to plot a giant smiley face with their locations, presumably for the benefit of police pinboards.
"The first time he ran it, it sent out five hundred emails, just like he wanted, every one of them different. One person fell for the spam, and deposited a fiver in his account. The next night, the program took the email that person had received, made five hundred random variants, and sent them out."
Fantastic, flawless junk-email DNA from a new voice at the Clone. Something like this would be incredibly easy to implement for SMS spam, shifting the price and call duration (maybe even playing with some alternate wordings) until it hit maximum host-exploitation. Unsettling.

 Thursday  the Ninth of May, 2002
A suspected suicide/homicide bomber is kicked around by a bomb-disposal robot to make sure he's not going to explode. We are here to protect you.
Battleground God - express your religious beliefs without being tripped up by contradiction or carelessness. Thought-straightening stuff. [via Crummy]
A fantastic list of Coca-Cola-owned brand-names, from around the world. A glass of North Neck, please. An Urge and a Surge. A hit of Cocoteen. As Tyre says, though, Jesus is best. I hope the logo has an exclamation mark.
That silly new logo for the European Union, in full. Mildly clever as an artistic exercise, but thoroughly pointless and irritating as a recognisable, reproducible symbol. Wrapping paper.

Connectedly, today seems to be Europe Day, with very little visible effect.

 Wednesday  the Eighth of May, 2002
A gloriously inevitable piece of environment-sharing evolution - a nasty, old-school parasitic virus has attached itself to a less harmful but more virulent .exe virus, the resultant entity being even more dangerous than either.

 Tuesday  the Seventh of May, 2002
More democracy in action, with a fictional monkey being voted mayor of Hartlepool. Fortunately there wasn't a neo-Nazi or a Patrick McGoohan under the mask, but a well-meaning ex-call-centre manager with some thoughtful policies. The protest voters are whining that they had "voted for H'Angus, rather than a serious politician" - perhaps they were hoping for some sort of simian monarchy, the role of Hartlepool United mascot being transferred automatically upon the death or (as was presumably the case here) abdication of the man-in-the-monkey-suit. Hmm.
Somewhat surprising to see a cheery banner-advert for a lock pick, complete with the not-fooling-anyone slogan of "Never Pay A Locksmith Again!"

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