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 Sunday  the Nineteenth of May, 2002
Some nicely-implemented Java and Shockwave timewasters at - WhatWord is a word-making letter-stacking game guaranteed to make you hate the English language, and the square-puzzling Collapse is easily one of the best examples of its overstretched genus. Good things. [via Cerra]

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 Friday  the Seventeenth of May, 2002
"He could not seem to grasp with any precision what death was all about, nor could he come to any conclusion regarding what this particular death meant for him. All he could do was swallow it whole, as a fait accompli."
Tony Takitani - a possibly-fresh Murakami short story over at the New Yorker. Elsewhere, an hour's worth of audio - an interview and some readings, in both English and Japanese.

 Thursday  the Sixteenth of May, 2002
In today's post: a mysteriously unsolicited cheque for two pounds ten, from soi-disant "fixed fee promoters" Mando Marketing, with no covering letter. One's scam-sense is, naturally, tingling - but who's scamming who, exactly? Is this a relatively cheap way to check the pulse of mailshot victims? Or are they clumsily bringing a "fixed fee" marketing project up to budget in a quasi-legal way?

 Wednesday  the Fifteenth of May, 2002
Hark, is that the Whitlams I hear performing the theme music for Dossa and Joe? And might there be any interconnectedness with Tim Freedman starting a solo UK tour at the end of the month? Promising things.

 Tuesday  the Fourteenth of May, 2002
"Your body has three spleens, the normal one, one which is rogue and turns bodily fluids to sulphuric acid, and another one which turns them back again." - Lies!
Sounding like something from an E.L. Wisty monologue, Pentagon scientists are apparently training bees to sniff out explosives.
A bit belated, but James Bachman unfurled a fine analytical list of the Hollywoodizations in K-PAX a while back. Nodding and beard-stroking to all, although I found the dog and the astronomy-laser-display-board bits far more seriously undermining than the staticky camera, both of them hefty diversions from the book.

Intriguingly, the director of similarly-plotted Argentinian film Man Facing Southeast is currently suing Universal Pictures for stealing his story. Gene Brewer claims innocence, but it does all seem rather odd.

Steve Jackson Games' forthcoming Tabloids card game sounds astonishingly familiar, but I suppose it is one of the most obvious game ideas in the world.

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