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 Saturday  the Twenty-Fifth of May, 2002
Bierce proposed "an improvement in punctuation - the snigger point, or note of cachinnation: it is written thus \___/! and presents, as near as may be, a smiling mouth. It is to be appended, with the full stop, to every jocular or ironical sentence".
Astonishing; the smiley was invented by Ambrose Bierce in 1912, as sarcastically as you'd expect. I'm sure he'd be horrified to see the sorts of dictionaries that the devil owns now. [via Crummy]

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 Friday  the Twenty-Fourth of May, 2002
I enjoy random numbers too much. Assigning unique ID codes by picking a random digit, seeing if a code with that number already exists, adding another random digit to the end if it does, repeating until it arrives at something unique. Far messier and even riskier than simple incrementation, but pleasingly alive. The illusion of an ineffable consciousness in the patterns, the blind hand of (admittedly very boring and unlimited) evolution.
The Taxonomy of Biscuits, with related analysis and postulation. Superb. I was suitably disorientated to discover that Safeway's own-brand cheap-and-nasty bourbons are heretically custard-cream shaped, the other week, shattering the site's proposed SI unit of measurement. Harrowing. [via Graham@MCiOS]
Wandering carelessly through Google, I seem to have stepped in Lore Fitzgerald Sj÷berg's brain.
"Counting the number of CDs sold is a trivial way of measuring the depth of antipathy towards the monarchy, but it's no less a scientific method than pointing to the crowds outside Buckingham Palace as proof that, at heart, we are still a nation of royalists."
The nation has until tomorrow evening to buy Billy Bragg's Take Down The Union Jack single, for it to chart in Jubilee week. Power to the people. If I had some tigers, I'd train them.

 Thursday  the Twenty-Third of May, 2002
Gragh, the Geocities bandwidth bridge-troll seems to be particularly upset with the David Blaine levitation thing. Read the Google-cache copy instead.
"My name is Bradon Curtis, Special Forces Commando currently on covert search and destroy missions in the mountainous wastelands of Afghanistan, impenetrable domicile of the dreaded Taleban AlQeada terrorist network."
You killed my father. Prepare to die. A fantastically absurd mutation of the Nigerian money-laundering scam. If this doesn't win the 'particularly audacious' prize, I don't know what will. [via Ole]
Warning. Warning. Weak punchline imminent.
Magician stands on pillar, falls off. Ten out of ten for endurance, but it's not really magic, is it? (He can't actually levitate, either.)

 Wednesday  the Twenty-Second of May, 2002
How long, I wonder, before the Web is strewn with fake weblogs, lazily auto-generated from a stock of standard posting formats to boost the search engine rankings of referenced clients? I can barely tell random journals from random scripts as it is.
"What's green and goes red at the flick of a switch?" "A manually operated traffic light."
The Google Set for "As Above", in full:-
  • Stationary shelving
  • Gramophone disks require vertical storage
  • Behind your back court gossip intensifies
  • Others treat you with more suspicion
  • Obstructing movement of other party
  • Decreases in blood pressure
Four out of six isn't bad.
Life slouches towards urban legend as an Israeli geneticist breeds (breeds, mark you) a featherless chicken. Only two legs, though?
Stephen Jay Gould dies at home in his library, an impressive twenty years beyond the median. The loss of a great science writer, with or without baseball and punctuated equilibrium.

 Tuesday  the Twenty-First of May, 2002
Every American should have a WTC Memorial $2001 Dollar Bill, apparently; "legal tender for the wretched hides of all terrorist cowards". Seems to be a Photoshop joke with a mystifying affiliate program attached, but who knows.

A simpler aide memoire - fold a $20 bill to reveal secret pictures. What can it all mean?

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