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 Wednesday  the Twenty-Ninth of May, 2002
George W Bush is the new Prince Philip.
Strange dreams: taking part in a Kipper Family massively-multiplayer online RPG, the Crab Wars about to kick off. Nearer the real world, Sid Kipper seems to be pursuing a solo career into the 21st century, Henry Kipper having died to scotch rumours of them getting back together.
Oh. Cough. It transpires that that mysterious cheque the other week was actually my money back on some "try this thing free" offer from my DSS days, rather than a clever way to check whether mailshot-victims were alive, or for Nigerian militia to confirm and raid my bank account, or anything. Suspicious, elaborate cynicism and a very poor memory do not mix.

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 Tuesday  the Twenty-Eighth of May, 2002 should have an "am likely to spend the whole journey talking about" field.
Accidental stalkers - some random strangers were taking photos of Brighton seafront and the glorious Penny Arcade on the same morning that Adam, Cerra and I were doing the same (photos here; login solarcerra, password kevan).

Some of the mightiest waves I've ever seen, this weekend, and the received-pronunciation 1930s phone psychic beats quid-a-throw DDR into a cocked hat. But be warned that their Win-a-Cig bagatelle machine is empty. [Chris's photos via Haddock]

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