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 Sunday  the Ninth of June, 2002
Also, a nicely-written Java version of Suicide Chess - it's crunchily logical enough to be regarded as a single-player puzzle game.
Nostalgia - a Java implementation of Laser Chess.
Killing Spree Chess, idly invented by Sandy and myself last weekend - whenever a piece takes another, the taking piece may (if it can) immediately move to take another piece. It can then take another, and so on. Although Queens aren't allowed to Spree at all, being a bit too adept at clearing a board. An entertaining pawn-pinging shortcut to a thoughtful endgame.

(This may well have convergently evolved under a different name on somewhere, but my hazarded search attempts have all failed.)

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 Friday  the Seventh of June, 2002
Intriguing Martian Hex thing from Tyrethali, incidentally. Could also be played with three denominations of directionally-distinguishable coin.
Tom is waving a clipboard at weblog authors and readers, for some sort of research project. He needs more responses - email him for the questions, unless you're in a hurry to catch a train, or something.
"Searching for a friend's face in a sports arena packed with spectators can be difficult, but not impossible. But what if all the seats were filled with macaque monkeys -- could you still find that one-in-a-thousand face?"
Or just wake up screaming? Babies are apparently champions at facial recognition of arbitrary species, the process being tuned to 'deviation from a standard human face' (with appropriate ethnic bias, presumably) by adulthood. The decreasing plasticity of brains, the dog/trick age ratio. Maybe I can only drive cars via cursor keys, after twenty-six years.
"Prepare to get a lot of the collective consciousness, I see another colour, and raid my eyes for those of the Dead." - Markov Chains, Markov Chains. [via Tyre]

 Thursday  the Sixth of June, 2002
Two nearby Upsideclowns on the subject of writer's block. Ominous.
Fun with application forms: "D B Murphy, xx Cassie Street, The Big Fuck-Off House on the Corner, Across the Road from All the Dead People, Collinswood SA."
Data Shaping Solutions Viral Marketing: planting fake referrals in people's referrer logs, for money. Mining that lucrative "site owner who reads and clicks every single referrer" percentile, as if a half-dozen apparent hits from "" could be anything other than morbid, corrupting spam.

But if it reaches absurd and devious levels, I trust that some shining defender of freedom will set up a publicly-accessible list of fake-referrers, for filtering purposes. I'm still waiting for a merciless, half-convincing mailing-list-and-blog-comment spambot, myself. "Interesting point, [membername]. From my experience with [subjectnoun], I've found that it helps to have some sort of [producttype], such as..." or "yeh, cool, i saw a cool [subject] game like that at [url] ;)"

By 2004, the majority of the Internet will be fake. [via Matt]

 Wednesday  the Fifth of June, 2002
Hmm, whoever it was who was earnestly telling me that the Dvorak keyboard gets its name from the six letters in its top left was wrong. It was actually co-invented by some bloke called Dvorak after all.
An arbitrary nod to the Blog Twinning Project, which just clicked past 3000 votes, give or take whatever revote-filtering I implemented and should have implemented. As Above is still twinned with Inside Joke. An adjective-demanding SQL reinvention may yet occur in this lifetime.
A suitably republican game-heavy Jubilee weekend - full blather some other time, but I must break down and confess the purchase of Zombies!!! on my way out of Derby, seduced by the promise of one hundred plastic zombies. They're a bit rubbery and disappointing, but can always be reused for Dawn of the Dead, or undead Zendo or something. "A diorama has the Buddha-nature if two upright zombies are staring at a prone zombie."

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