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 Saturday  the Fifteenth of June, 2002
"Beautiful, terrible things; covered in carvings of dolphins, cherubim and seraphim. Not ornament you understand, they are essential moving parts. That is, I should say, it's essential that all parts are moving. Deeply moving."
The End of History. Corporate thought control cutting under and under and under, to become something else. The best Clone in a long time. Tectonics are shifting.
Cutting-edge research suggests that literary preference is reflected in dreams - that those who enjoy fiction have "stranger" dreams, that fantasy readers tend towards nightmares, that romance-digesters get what they deserve. In other news, a man whose talk is of oxen will probably dream of oxen.

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 Friday  the Fourteenth of June, 2002
"Swimsuit Invincibility - You get a bonus to your Defense equal to the damage you've taken so far this game."
Just one of the exciting new super-powers in the Rumble archive.
"It’s not so much an inner struggle as an inner ‘secondary school debating society’. Now I feel that I was running away from the name because the name was me. So, to cut a very long story short, I’M KEEPING THE NAME. Besides, Neil Hannon is a sucky name for a pop-star."
The Divine Comedy is alive and well as Neil alone; recording new stuff and touring with new friend Ben Folds. Good.
An amazing Micromechanical Flying Insect, possibly even more advanced since last year. Rolled-up sheet-metal at the ready, everyone.
Go on, then, world; see if you're compatible with me. My life will, of course, be reorganised appropriately.

 Thursday  the Thirteenth of June, 2002
"There hath he lain for ages, and will lie
Battening upon huge seaworms in his sleep,
Until the latter fire shall heat the deep;
Then once by man and angels to be seen,
In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die."
Well, roaring or going "bloop bloop", one of the two. Ichthyologists have been recording odd deep-sea noises for a while - "bloop" is apparently one of the more mysterious ones. Listen for yourself; very unnerving stuff. [via Found]
Shortfall is a search-engine game that Tyrethali and I nomicked into shape the other evening - one player picks a URL, then everyone guesses a search term that will return it in the top ten but not at the number one position. It's good to think about familiar things from a less-than-obvious angle, and to cruelly pigeonhole your friends. (And yourself.)

 Wednesday  the Twelfth of June, 2002
I'd forgotten this; the Grauniad's Aristotle lets you see how any MP voted in recent key votes. Easy transparency. Good thing.
Stand has a solid summary of the government's plans to let any old public authority skim through your browser history, email logs, mobile-phone location trail, and the rest. Take a stand, make a difference; fax your MP about it before it goes up before the House on Tuesday. (Although my local MP, the mighty Norman Baker is, naturally, already on the case.)

 Monday  the Tenth of June, 2002
Christ on a Bike! - "The most exciting aspect is the 'miracle' option, which really opens the game up. For instance, on the washout course you can choose to go over the water rather than through it."
Smiths and Morrissey ringtones. Fantastic news. The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get on an "increase volume until answered" setting is, clearly, the only option. [via Dan]
DocNomic might be starting up again in the imminent future, if interested players can kick enough momentum into it. Having already gotten the "doctor", "document" and "dock" themes out of our gestalt system, it'll be interesting to see what the fresh ruleset of Round Four evolves into. Game design by chunking. Join today.

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