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 Thursday  the Twentieth of June, 2002
A disturbing way to eat chocolate-coated biscuits. "A little more suction is required to perform the technique on a Penguin." [via Penelope@MCiOS]

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 Wednesday  the Nineteenth of June, 2002
1980s nostalgia is so 1990s, but it's good to see BigTrak again. Enough memory for a mighty sixteen instructions. Deliver an apple to someone in an adjacent room. It's absolutely nothing like my awe-struck, envious memories of it.
Round Four of DocNomic seems to be shaping up nicely. The m/^doc.+/ theme has this time emerged as Doctrines, which is proving to be suitably fertile. Fresh blood is always welcome, particularly among the Fundamentalist Cthulhu Worshippers.

 Tuesday  the Eighteenth of June, 2002
An essay on the fluid dynamics of traffic, of standing waves, the importance of spacing, and how a single thoughtful driver can absorb an entire traffic jam. The mechanics of jams existing as solid, emergent entities while cars flow in and out are illustrated quite beautifully in this traffic simulation applet. [essay via Haddock]
Corporate dream-crushing has never been so blatant. In the footers of an email that promises me a free, guaranteed wish if I forward it to five other people:- "Further dissemination, or forwarding of this e-mail, is prohibited without [company]'s written consent."

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