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 Sunday  the Thirtieth of June, 2002
More gaming. Liquid War is a game of cellular warfare, hundreds of autonomous pixels swarming towards your cursor. Surround a pool of other-coloured liquid and it is slowly absorbed, fading to your own colour like dye seeping into snow. Hypnotic.

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 Saturday  the Twenty-Ninth of June, 2002
At the end of a meandering nostalgia trail: Atomino, a particularly satisfying molecular-arrangement puzzler from 1991. It'd make a good card game, actually.
Triptych - a colour-matching Tetris variant with proper gravitational physics, and bouncy jelly-cube pieces. A puzzle game where you often have to hammer bricks in with brute force, and that starts looking like this when it all goes pear-shaped. Superb. [via Nocto]

 Friday  the Twenty-Eighth of June, 2002
Depressingly appropriate that the first posting to mailing list called "The Internet Sucks" should be a piece of unconvincing fake-person spam.

 Thursday  the Twenty-Seventh of June, 2002
Coffee kills slugs. Life mirrors lies.
Unusual wine labels. I tend to gravitate towards to such things when otherwise at a loss, but would draw a very thick line at "ChardonnAlien" or "The Adventures of Zinskey". Some mighty puns in there, though. "Le Fiat Door" wins a prize. [via Nocto]

 Wednesday  the Twenty-Sixth of June, 2002
"It looks like you're writing an angry, drunken rant!" - Nik now has his alcohol-influenced postings flagged as such.
Following on from that, a spacial representation of Prisoner's Dilemma resolutions, charting the spread of altruism and exploitation through a grid of - ahaha - prisoners' cells. Boggling to watch.
"When I first looked at it, I thought I must be seeing a model of a community full of racists. I assumed, that is, that each agent wanted to live only among neighbors of its own color. I was wrong. In the simulation I've just described, each agent seeks only two neighbors of its own color. That is, these 'people' would all be perfectly happy in an integrated neighborhood, half red, half blue."
Seeing Around Corners - an article on the emergence of misleading bigger-pictures from extremely simple rules, and the analogical merits of laughably over-simplified cellular simulations.

 Tuesday  the Twenty-Fifth of June, 2002
I think they're strange symbols of some kind. Warchalking is a secret hobo language for the 21st century wireless-networking crowd - mysterious sigils chalked onto brickwork alerting the adept to the fact that they've walked into a wireless-enabled area. If they get around to implementing a direction-to-source arrow, it's going to become very easy to herd wireless geeks into deserted backstreets and cull them for their expensive hardware.

 Monday  the Twenty-Fourth of June, 2002
The "Zombies!!!" board game - nice artwork, quality board cards, and you can't really go wrong with one hundred plastic zombies, but the game itself is a bit leaden and unstrategic. Someone's written some thoughts on sharpening the rules, and the current owners of the product have gathered together some player-submitted variants for digestion.

And a military-base sequel is apparently in the works, but the weapon cards seem to be just as dull and useless, by the looks of it. Something of a waste of a good genre.

The unexpected properties of tea, as advertised on the side of the box:- "Did you know, PG Tips is a great source of fluid, and can count towards the 6 to 8 cups of fluid you need every day!"

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