Friday  the Eleventh of October, 2002

"If 1 Greek Drachma (Gk Dr) is worth 1 ½ Greek Drachmas, how many lamps can be bought from the market, if each lamp is 4 times the cost of each other lamp, the cost being the same as it was the year before last?"
Further reading for the spot-on 80s-schools-programme-parody Look Around You; pure televisual gold, from the white-on-blue clock ticking down to its opening credits, through to the soberly-voiced nonsense, the nasty synth music and the cheap-but-revered technology. Good to see nostalgia being done with such a light touch, and with some very subtle undercurrents. "This is the last of your problems."

The series stemmed from the short film Look Around You (A Short Film About Calcium), which is glimpsable as part of the Milano Film Festival archive (56k or 300k). [Update: That's actually quite a poor first-x-seconds clip, it turns out. But worth it for the BBC Micro.]

Passing Frenzies: Urban Letterboxing - Eraser Carving - The Smaller Picture Font (meta)

 Thursday  the Tenth

MacGlashan on the Scots/Scotch issue: "If you can't eat it, drink it, or mend your underpants with it, it's not Scotch."
"Says who? Aye, says the English. 'Cos they don't want anyone to know that we're everywhere, doing everything. Everything in the world is down to Scots, right? Dehydrated space food - a Scotsman. Bootlaces. Drainpipes. Dymo-tape. Us. Those fiddly twiddly little toggle buttons. The Olympic Games. Curtains, Shopping. The Country Code. The Extra Puffy pillow. It was Scotsmen!"
How the Scots Invented the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe's Poorest Nation Created Our World and Everything may not actually have been written by Mac MacGlashan, but they could at least get Jack Docherty to reprise the role for the audio tape. [via Haddock]

 Wednesday  the Ninth

"I began by aiming an inexpensive laser pointer directly into the lens of a video camera. The results were striking. The tiny beam neutralized regions of the camera sensor far larger than the actual size of the beam. Properly aimed, it could block a far-away camera from seeing anything inside of a large window."
Some eye-opening research on CCTV cameras' vulnerability to laser pointers - that it's reasonably easy to blind a static camera for as long as you like, with a carefully-aimed beam. Alternatively, RTMark recommend plastic bags and rocks and axes, the emphasis being on visible, dramatic inoperability. It is alarmingly easy to think of CCTV cameras as the unblinking eyes of god, and consider them invulnerable. Perspective.

 Tuesday  the Eighth

Modern Living - ninety-one fantastic little Flash vignettes of a monochrome man and his beard. Precisely interactive enough. [via Matt]
CAMRAD Update #3. Spotted in the wild, a successor to the "Your Computer Is About To Explode!" faux-alert-boxes; a popup ad pretending to be an Instant Messenger window.
"Now let's see how Lady Margaret will react to this sincere expression of personal suffering. As Vincent's Actor did, Margaret's Actor shall roll below her Despair; he rolls: it's a 55, which is a fumble!"
The Wuthering Heights Role-Playing System; actually quite an elegant and interesting ruleset - simple and dramatically-mutable player attributes, based more around emotions than physical characteristics. The default player state is "Worried and Tired", and it flounces downhill from there, wrist against forehead.

If you like your upper classes a bit more modern and jolly, though, gather up your ivory D10s and take a trip to The Drones Club instead. [via Ole]

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